Dragon Ball FighterZ – What fighters should be announced next?

In only a few months time, Dragon Ball FighterZ will be released and already its looking to be one of the best fighters, based on the series, released in years. Beautiful cel-shaded graphics, wonderful attention to the source material and what has been reported as solid fighting mechanics, this is one game we’re most excited to see. Currently, we know of 21 fighters to be included in the game but who’s left that should be included in the roster? We’re going to discuss this here and rather than pick typical fan-favourites (and ignoring the fact the game is focusing on Dragon Ball Z), we’re going to be including characters who have been involved in each major story arc in the long standing franchise’s history (note: we aren’t including the Universal Survival Saga as we’d like to wait until it concludes first).

This list in progress and will be updated as more characters are released toward the official release date.

To see who’s already in the game, check the link out here.

Master Roshi

Master_Roshi2The original strongest man on Earth, Master Roshi was master to both Goku and Krillin and really helped shape them to become the martial artists they are today. In the early days of the series, Master Roshi entered the World Martial Arts Tournament more than once, under the alias of Jackie Chun, to test his disciples and  encourage them to never get complacent; there are always stronger opponents out there. Wise counsel indeed, considering Goku is now fist-to-fist with the gods. This venerable old master has recently returned to the fighting scene in Super, after taking a back seat throughout all of Z, meaning that he’s more likely to make an appearance in FighterZ than he would have done in the past.

General Blue (w/Red Ribbon Generals)

General_Blue_Trans_ORIGINALNext up, let’s talk General Blue. This guy isn’t exactly the most well known in Dragon Ball’s history and some questionable choices made in the anime to his character are downright disturbed. However, he was a major opponent in the Red Ribbon Army saga and one that even put Goku and Krillin on the ropes. His psychic abilities and ruthless nature made him one to watch out for. In FighterZ spirit, he could be accompanied by various Red Ribbon Generals, jumping into battle with whatever bombs, rocket launchers, or power guns they have at their disposal. Really, in a world where gods can make planets disappear with a wave of a finger, General Blue and the Red Ribbon Army are ridiculously outclassed. He’s very unlikely to appear in FighterZ, but his inclusion would chronicle an early and interesting part of Dragon Ball history.

Mercenary Tao

Tao_pai_pai_artworkAnother major early Dragon Ball character, this guy is typically the first to be included in a fighting game, when going back to Goku’s childhood. Mercenary Tao was a whirlwind addition to the Red Ribbon Army story arc. Swiftly dispatching General Blue with only his tongue, he leaps atop a log he’s hurled through the air and battles Goku, completely overpowering him with ease. If not for a stroke of luck, Goku would have died by this assassin’s hands and the history of Dragon Ball would have been very different. Tao changed the tone of the series during his short storyline and his entry into FighterZ would be well deserved. Probably not going to happen though…

Grandpa Gohan (w/Baba’s Fighters)

Grandpa_GohanIndeed, there are a lot of early Dragon Ball characters here, but sometimes we can forget how much happened before the Saiyans first landed on Earth. Grandpa Gohan ended the Fortuneteller Baba saga, which was one of the shorter story arcs in Dragon Ball. Returning to Earth from the dead for only 24 hours, he faces his grandson, Goku, in a battle that astonishes all that witness it. This battle really highlighted how far the little monkey boy had come in the series so far. Gohan could also appear with Baba’s other fighters as support, including Dracula, the Invisible-Man, a mummy and the devil himself. A zany group of fighters to be sure, but together could make a fighter unlike any other.

King Piccolo (w/Demon Spawn)

King_PiccoloThe last of the central Dragon Ball fighters, King Piccolo is really the first major opponent in the series and his defeat is often placed  alongside the likes of Frieza, Cell and Buu as one of Goku’s biggest triumphs. Of course, its harder to include this guy as a fighter, considering his reincarnation is one of the most central characters in the franchise. However, add to King Piccolo his own demon spawn as support, and we start to see a fighter who’s different to our Namekian hero. I’d love to see King Piccolo in FighterZ, yet again it seems unlikely. I couldn’t say if any of these early Dragon Ball characters are likely to make the final cut, but they are important in the series’ history and would be nice to play as in the long run.


Raditz_HDGoku’s brother and the guy who really threw a spanner in the works by announcing to us all that Dragon Ball wasn’t a fantasy at all, but a sci-fi instead. He also puts Super Saiyan 3 hairdos to shame. This guy was only in Dragon Ball for a short while, despite his family connection. However, what we did get was a ruthless fighter who our heroes had to gang up on (which typically Saiyan pride discourages) to barely manage to defeat. An appearance for Raditz in FighterZ might finally help him break away from the horrendously named attacks taken from his Budokai days (Double Sunday?). However, with the general power creep and Nappa already taking a slot on the roster, will Raditz make the final cut? Well, he’s more likely to than most of the other characters on this list!

Dodoria & Zarbon

DodoriaThinking hard about these two, it seemed they didn’t deserve to be independent characters in their own right, nor did it seem fair to have one accompanied by the other. Indeed, if Dodoria and Zarbon were to appear in FighterZ, they would have to appear in equal measure. Thus, we suggest a tag-team character. Howsoever these two would work as one fighter is anyones guess (one take the ground, Zarbon-0the other the skies?), its not the most far flung character choice out there. They were Frieza’s two personal bodyguards after all and even the emperor suggests they fight together to defeat Vegeta early in the Namek saga. Furthermore, with FighterZ’s 3-on-3 combat, we could face off against the entire Frieza Force at once, pitting Dodoria & Zarbon with Captain Ginyu and the Ginyu Force and Frieza himself. That’d make a pretty cool setup up!

Dr. Gero (w/Android 19)

Doctor_geroHeck, if Android 18 can team up with Android 17, we can’t see why Dr. Gero couldn’t feature alongside his ki draining companion. Dr. Gero’s inclusion could be an interesting one here, considering we’re all speculating exactly what Android 21’s role is for the story of FighterZ. What connection does she have to Dr. Gero? Does it mean he’ll appear at some point in the story? Best guess is no, but he does represent the early Android arc and he and 19 appeared with a terrifying bang. Poor old skewered Yamcha. With ki draining functions, this old guy could make another interesting fighter on what could potentially be a very diverse list.

Dabura (w/Babidi)

Majin_DaburaAnother villain appearing early within their overall story arc, we could also have Dabura appearing in FighterZ. This guy ruled the underworld, which just goes to show how far-reaching Babidi’s power were. He is known to have a similar power level as Cell, which meant for the likes of Goku and Vegeta, he wasn’t really considered a major threat. However, Dabura is a really cool fighter! He wields a big, gnarly sword and can turn his opponents to stone with his spit. Certainly one to look out for and its was always a shame he was done in so quickly by Majin Buu. If he were to appear, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see him have Babidi as support, accomplishing a similar role as Chiaotzu seems to be doing for Tien.

Super Buu 

Super_BuuSuper Buu is the second incarnation of Buu our heroes face and is the major opponent of both Gotenks and Gohan during the final arc of Dragon Ball Z. This is one nasty dude, wiping out all of Earth’s population with one far reaching attack. This Buu is usually the form that doesn’t get included in Dragon Ball fighting games. He’s really a halfway point between Fat Buu and Kid Buu and both of those characters are just more important to the series as a whole. However, Super Buu’s biggest asset is his ability to absorb other fighters, which could be a compelling addition to the 3-vs-3  combat.


Vegito_renderThe second most prominent fusion character in Dragon Ball, this time its the dream potara fusion of Goku and Vegeta. Thinking they would be fused for life, the rival Saiyans became this super warrior in order to overcome Super Buu, who had absorbed Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Piccolo. This fusion carried himself with so much arrogance, but his abilities reflected this, using a giant beam sword to toss Buu around like a rag doll. He even had the upper hand in battle as a tiny sweet. This fusion’s true capabilities have never been fully explored, but we can all agree he is one of the very strongest fighters in Dragon Ball history. The only thing stopping him, a plot hole that took decades to be resolved…


Other potential fighters

To finish off, Dragon Ball’s story spans many decades, with Goku going from a little wild child, to him growing up and having a family, to facing off against the Gods. In that case, there are many other iterations of our characters we could see appear in FighterZ. Here’s some of the more important ones.

Kid_goku_pictureKid Goku – The little one with the tail, Power Pole and Flying Nimbus. My favourite playable character in Budokai 3 and one to show that little extra Dragon Ball love.

Goku_(Base)Goku – FighterZ seems to be overlooking just regular old Goku. Unlikely to make an appearance outside his Super Saiyan forms, this iteration does have tricks like the Kaio-ken and Spirit Bomb to use.

Kid_KrillinKid Krillin – Another early Dragon Ball version and one that never really appears in fighting games. Still, Kid Krillin could make quite a comical version of a fan-favourite character.

Kid-gohanKid Gohan – This is the Gohan who fought the Saiyans and went to Namek. He’s unlikely to appear this young in FighterZ however, lacking the diverse move set of his older counterparts.

Vegeta_DBZVegeta – Again, without his Super Saiyan form, just a tail and a very nasty, evil streak. Unlikely to show up, but if not how else can one re-enact Goku and Vegeta’s legendary first battle.

Mirai_trunks_super_saiyajin_ira_dbs_by_jaredsongohan-dakok98Future Trunks (Super Saiyan Anger) (w/ Future Mai) – That cool blue aura, that strength and power that can go toe-to-toe with Goku Black. The Trunks in FighterZ at the moment is very reminiscent of the one in Dragon Ball Z, but what about all the traits that made him the big hero in Dragon Ball Super. We want to be able to use that Spirit Bomb Sword in battle! We want to see him side by side with Future Mai. Will that happen?

Hope you’ve enjoyed this here list and we hope to update it as more and more characters are announced in future. FighterZ is to be released late January 2018, so not much longer to find out who’s made the cut or not!

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