Ace Attorney Prosecutors Part 2 – The Most Courtroom Appearances

We continue our look at the prosecutors in Ace Attorney by covering the characters who have appeared in court more times than any other. This part includes the bigger and more recent opponents to take the bench against the Wright & Co. With grander overarching narratives and greater ties to the main characters, it’s no surprise which prosecutors we’ll be covering on this list, but then again, how many times they’ve appeared in court might knock us off guard. So enjoy and be sure to reminisce with each character’s leitmotif.

Please check out Part 1 here.

*Spoiler Alert *

This post contains major spoilers, particularly for the recently released Spirit of Justice. As the plot twists are so important to this series, it is not recommended reading for those who are still playing through the games.

#05 – Winston Payne (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – 2001)

Courtroom Appearances – 4

The First Turnabout (PW), The Lost Turnabout (JfA), Turnabout Memories (T&T) & Turnabout Trump (AJ)

winston-payneThe first ever prosecutor to appear in court against Phoenix, Winston is the self-proclaimed “Rookie Killer”; however he fails to live up to that title on a regular basis. He was unable to rattle Mia Fey when she was just starting out, he led the most simplistic trial the series has ever seen in the First Turnabout, and couldn’t stop a rookie Apollo from defeating him either. Even his name, Winston Payne, shows how he ‘winces in pain’ at the slightest provocation. A running gag with him involves his hairstyle as a metaphor for his career, which was thick and wonderfully styled before Mia beat him so badly it all fell out in one fell swoop. During Phoenix’s disbarment he seemed to prosper and find a new smug hairdo, but Apollo saw fit to destroy that too. Poor Winston Payne…

(Aside from one exception, every first trial of each Ace Attorney game has a member of the Payne family on the prosecutor’s bench. However, Winston’s mantle seems at an end now his brother Gaspen Payne is around. At least Winston will always be remembered as the first prosecutor, even if the attorneys who face him can’t recall his name… He doesn’t have a leitmotif exclusive to him, but he does get lumped with the ‘Strange People’ in Gyakuten Kenji 2 (aka Investigations 2)

#04 – Nahyuta Sahdmadhi (Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice – 2016)

Courtroom Appearances – 4

The Magical Turnabout, The Rite of Turnabout, Turnabout Storyteller & Turnabout Revolution (SoJ)

nahyuta-sahdmadhiThe newest main prosecutor introduced to the series runs the majority of the trial in Spirit of Justice. Nahyuta is thought to be a pretty nice guy as far as prosecutors go, but once he’s in the courtroom he is ruthless with his opponents. He may have practiced all around the world, but his origins in the Khura’inese courthouses gives him a strong apathy for defence attorneys. However not all is as it seems with Nahyuta and the biggest reveal in the game is that not only is he the son of Dhurke Sahdmadhi, the leader of the Defiant Dragon rebel group who oppose the Khura’in regime, but is also Apollo Justice’s foster brother. Through the events in Turnabout Revolution, Apollo desperately tries to save his brother from the snare of Queen Ga’ran as one of the biggest tragedies in the series unfolds before the pair, eventually leading him to become the dragon his father was before him.

(With Nahyuta now free to smile once more his future in the series seems fairly assured, especially now he’s working so closely with Apollo to restore Khura’in to its former glory).

#03 – Simon Blackquill (Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies – 2013)

Courtroom Appearances – 5

The Monstrous Turnabout, Turnabout Academy, The Cosmic Turnabout, Turnabout for Tomorrow & Turnabout Reclaimed (DD)

simon-blackquillSimon Blackquill is the main prosecutor in the fifth game Dual Destines, who stands in court whilst on death row. He prosecutes in shackles (which he can break with ease) with his partner Taka on his shoulder to bring him evidence and attack attorneys for their stupid bluffs. He is certainly one of the most intimidating opponents yet in court and a master at psychological manipulation. He is able to get any information he could need from his witnesses by knowing actually how to play on their emotions. However behind his hard exterior is a kind and lawful man, and as the circumstances surrounding his incarceration become clear, he turns out to be one of the most selfless characters in video game history. He may be on the other side of the courtroom, but he’ll always be around to support Athena.

(Blackquill is an integral part of Athena’s life and as she’s still got a lot to learn in court we’ll be sure to see him again in some capacity).

#02 – Klavier Gavin (Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney – 2007)

Courtroom Appearances – 6

Turnabout Corner, Turnabout Serenade, Turnabout Succession (Present), Turnabout Succession (Past) (AJ), Turnabout Academy (DD) & Apollo Jusice: Asinine Attorney (SoJ)

klavier-gavinSurprisingly the fourth game’s main prosecutor, Klavier Gavin has been seen in court a lot more than many others. Albeit there are a few technicalities to make note of here; he appears in two separate trials in the same episode in Apollo Justice, only prosecutes in a mock trial in Dual Destinies and in Spirit of Justice in a non-canon spoof. However Klavier in many ways is to Apollo Justice what Miles Edgeworth is to Phoenix Wright. He’s Apollo’s first major opponent and is the brother to his former mentor Kristoph Gavin. There’s a mutual respect for one another and they have a much friendlier working relationship than most attorneys do with their prosecutors. Did I mention Klavier is a rock star too! He’s just too cool for words, and he manages to keep his cool when faced with the fact that those closest to him are the real criminals in the shadows.

(Admittedly, the series hasn’t had much room for Klavier to make a full return to the courtroom as of late. However it’s clear he hasn’t been forgotten and we all await the day he faces Apollo in court once more).

#01 – Miles Edgeworth (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – 2001)

Courtroom Appearances – 8

Turnabout Sisters, Turnabout Samurai, Rise from the Ashes (PW), Farewell, My Turnabout (JfA), Turnabout Beginnings (T&T), Turnabout for Tomorrow (DD), Turnabout Time Traveller & Phoenix Wright: Asinine Attorney (SoJ)

miles-edgeworthFor all us Ace Attorney fans, there was no doubt about which prosecutor has appeared in court than any other. Miles Edgeworth was the main prosecutor in the first game and since then he has appeared in every main series title but one, spawned his own spin-off series and even took to the defence’s bench for a short while in Trials and Tribulations. Edgeworth has always been a fan favourite and part of this is because he’s perhaps the most normal character to be found in this world full of eccentrics and lunatics.Despite a troubling past, he has progressed to be one of the most respected and successful individuals in the series, reaching the esteemed position of Chief Prosecutor and therefore being the boss to everyone else on this list. A fearsome opponent and firm friend of Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney wouldn’t be the same without him.

(We’ve no doubt Edgeworth will be back in the next title; who else is going to help Phoenix out when he’s next responsible for a country’s revolution. Cool, calm and collected Edgeworth will always have Phoenix’s back).

Thanks for reading! I’ve got the DLC case from Spirit of Justice still to finish and then who knows how much longer this Ace Attorney high will last. A great series full of great characters, this list has celebrated some of the best that the series has had to offer. If you enjoyed this post please let us know via the comments below!

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