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Hi everybody! Thanks for tuning in to There’s plenty of gaming going around as per usual to keep us entertained however new posts on the blog have been slow to trickle out this month. However the site isn’t forgotten and in fact I’ve been trying to make things a little more accessible for the average user on the site.

Those who have visited recently might notice there’s a new flashy headlines bar at the top focusing on certain posts across the site. These range from latest and ongoing posts through to collection pages of the numerous features that have been running on the site. I do hope you all check them out, particularly for anyone who enjoys Final FantasySuper Smash Bros. and (as it seems more than anything) Pokémon. Indeed there’s still more organising to be done and I’m currently in the progress of adding links between pieces but as these things go it’s slow and monotonous work.

Overall the blog has taken a bit of a back seat for me, due to numerous reasons but again I stress it is not forgotten. Look forward to our first post on Ratchet & Clank coming real soon (finally a post on the series the site is named after!), along with a Kingdom Hearts feature, and more tweaks and adjustments to the site. For now this is just a post to say we haven’t disappeared! Thank you for all the support and hope everyone continues to enjoy the blog!

And of course if you enjoy the site or if you have a favourite social media site then please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and even Instagram via the links below!

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