The World of Pokémon – An Adventure in Japan

Have you ever wondered what the World of Pokémon really looks like; wondered what it’d be like to start an adventure from Pallet Town, travel through the caverns of Mt. Moon or ride a bike down the steep hills of Cycling Road? We did, and so we went and saw it all first hand.

Each Pokémon game is set in a region, each of which is based on real-world locations. The upcoming entries are based on the Hawaiian Islands, X & Y are based on Northern France and Black & White are based on New York City. However even the original games are based on real places, namely on areas of Pokémon’s home, Japan, and it was there in which our adventure took place.

Kanto Maps Side by Side
The Pokémon region and the real world region; sitting side by side there’s already a resemblance in their shape…

In September 2015, we travelled to the real world Kanto region of Central Japan to explore the places that inspired the region we all know from Pokémon Red & Blue. We visited huge metropolises as well as rural sites; we spent time in major tourist spots but also wandered off the beaten path and we sometimes coasted along while at times we struggled to continue. It was truly an unforgettable experience!

Marked Kanto Maps
However, when we start to mark the places on the map, the similarities really start to shine. Many places are confirmed to be based off one another; some seem highly likely culprits, while others have been speculated by fans. Either way we wanted to see all these places to know ourselves for sure.

However we also shared everyday what we saw through this blog, with writing, videos and pictures, so everyone could get a taste of this beautiful and one of a kind country. We hope you enjoy reading this blog and we hope all the more it will inspire anyone to go on a Pokémon journey of their own. So without further ado, follow the links below to delve deep into the World of Pokémon. A place of dreams and adventures awaits. Let’s start…


#01 – Sheffield to Heathrow
#02 – Flights from Heathrow
#03 – Welcome to Tokyo

Pallet Town

#04 – Shimoda and the Ryokan Hotel
#05 – Shimoda City

Viridian City

#06 – The Road to Viridian
#07 – Hakone Town

Viridian Forest

#08 – Odaiba
#09 – Chichibu-Tama National Park
#10 – Machida and the Capsule Hotel

Pewter City

#11 – Arriving in Pewter City
#12 – Maebashi City
VS. Brock – Pewter City Gym Leader

Mt. Moon

#13 – Akagi-Yama

Cerulean City

#14 – A Trip to the Video Game Shop
#15 – Tsuchiura City
VS. Misty – Cerulean City Gym Leader

Power Plant

#16 – Tokai Nuclear Power Plant

Vermilion City

#17 – The Pokémon Centre in Yokohama
#18 – Yokohama City
VS. Lt. Surge – Vermilion City Gym Leader

Lavender Town

#19 – Narita City
#20 – Further Afield in Lavender Town

Celadon City

#21 – Tokyo Game Show and Akihabara
#22 – Shinjuku (Western Tokyo)
VS. Erika – Celadon City Gym Leader

Fuchsia City

#23 – On the outskirts of Fuchsia City
#24 – Tateyama City
VS. Koga – Fuchsia City Gym Leader

Saffron City

#25 – Return to Tokyo and a Trip to Ginza
#26 – Marunouchi Part 1 (Central Tokyo)
#27 – Marunouchi Part 2 (Central Tokyo)
VS. Sabrina – Saffron City Gym Leader

Cinnabar Island

#28 – What Did we Miss?!
#29 – Promise for the Volcano Badge
VS. Blaine – Cinnabar Island Gym Leader

The End

#30 – Kanto Complete
VS. Giovanni – Viridian City Gym Leader

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