Playtime with Master Hand – Part III of III

Mario awoke from an uneasy sleep that night to Ness, the ordinary boy with the baseball bat, prodding him awake. The boy looked at him in earnest, so much so that Mario could hardly ignore him and fall back to sleep. He rubbed his eyes wearily and asked the boy what was wrong.

“They’ve climbed out of the toy box Mario; I’m worried about what’s happening.” Mario blinked blankly back at the boy and he had to resist the temptation to declare he had no interest in anybody but himself so late into the night. “Link and Luigi have climbed out,” Ness continued, and with the mention of Luigi, Mario’s drowsiness left him entirely. “I’m worried they’re going after Falcon and I can’t stop them. They say you are one of Master Hand’s favourite toys, they’ll listen to you! I tried finding Samus too but she’s disappeared as well! He’s not so bad I swear it; we came from the same store. I know him; he’s only gotten off on the wrong start because this kid likes him so much.” Ness’ anxiety had no gotten the better of him. “I know it’s silly to think it possible, but I’m really worried they’re going to do something terrible to him!”

“Such as?” Mario replied.

“There were some second hand toys at the store we came from. They told us all sorts of stories, like about toys ripping each other on purpose or replacing their body parts with who knows what. This one toy told us his last kid used to blow toys up on rockets. I don’t want to believe this could happen here, but I just don’t know for sure. There’s a window nearby that shelf, he could be thrown out at any moment.” At this point Ness’ worries got the best of him and he began to tremble uncontrollably. But Mario’s interest was piqued; he had decided what was to be done.

“I shall go and follow them while you can rest easily here whilst I take care of this.”

Ness was very grateful between his anxious breathing as Mario climbed over the side of the toy box and followed these wannabe assassins into the night.


Meanwhile Link and Luigi were creeping closely up to where Falcon lay fast asleep, crossing the windowsill in their effort to reach the ledge above the bed. Luigi was to creep up behind and grab him before he woke up, whilst Link drew his sword and thus gaining the toys attention. Of course there were no plans to hurt the captain; they just wanted to tell him straight how things were supposed to work in the bedroom. Now in position, Link waved for Luigi to take action.

With great excitement, Luigi pounced, but instead of grabbing the Falcon he found himself tripping up and into the firm arms of the captain himself. He had sprung awake in an instant and gotten hold of Luigi in a strong vice grip. Seeing the plumber in distress, Link leapt forward, his sword at the ready, but Falcon had been quick to react, and with his agility kicked the sword straight out of Link’s grasp. In an instant the ambush had been foiled.

Falcon laughed. “This is a funny sort of introduction! A tad bit dangerous also wouldn’t you say, that kid could wake up any second, imagine them seeing us like this!”

“He’s called Master Hand, and they are our kid. Who do you think you are coming here with your loud catchphrases and your blue jumpsuit?” Link stared Falcon down until he sighed and let go of Luigi altogether. The plumber, scrambling, went to cower behind the elf warrior.

“I’m just a toy like you two, and it seems I’ve become the favourite haven’t I. I’m sorry that’s the case, but I know this kind of things happens. I never meant to cause you any offence Link, I know you were once the kid’s favourite too.” Link was taken aback a little; he hadn’t expected an apology from Falcon. Indeed, he had been so intent on making him out to be a monster that he hadn’t expected any sort of kind regard from him whatsoever. In that moment all his frustrations dissipated and he wondered why he’d been so riled up in the first place.

“Good to see you calmer Link” joined Samus. Link and Luigi almost fell off the ledge in surprise as they turned to see the bounty hunter watching them from the windowsill. She’d gone ahead and introduced herself to him already, having a much more sensible head on her shoulders over her male companions. Thus she had warned Falcon that he’d be getting visitors soon enough so the captain had been ready for them.

Now that all the misunderstanding had washed away, the four toys sat there for a while and talked. It wasn’t long before they even felt they had become firm friends. Link and Samus had never felt closer and Luigi even had the courage to speak to Falcon properly for the first time.

“I had thought you disliked me from the very first,” He told the toy uncertainly. “You said I wasn’t much of a toy at all and to be honest, that made me feel really bad about myself.”

“My apologies lad, when we were first bought, I thought myself the greatest toy who ever lived. But my time with Ness and more recently with Samus has made me see life a little more clearly. I’m glad we get to be friends from here on in.”

However with the coming of the sunrise the toys began to feel drowsy and decided to return to the toy box. Falcon went back to sleep while the other three climbed down to cross the windowsill. But as Samus and Link pulled ahead, Luigi paused for a moment. The window was open. He thought for a moment, but in his drowsy and content mood he couldn’t really decide whether the window had been open all along. Deciding to leave the scenario the way he found it, he moved to follow his companions, who were now out of sight.

Something slammed hard into his side. He immediately lost balance and toppled out of the window. Mario watched as his victim fell to the garage roof below, his face changing from satisfaction to pure horror as Luigi was skewered atop an ornamental spire on the roof outside. He saw Luigi writhing in agony and he began to panic. He turned to look around the room, terrified someone had seen him commit this heinous crime. And in the corner of the room he thought he saw a pair of eyes staring at him, piercing him with an accusatory glare. For Jigglypuff, the toy that hadn’t appeared at the meeting earlier that night had seen everything. He heard the eerie melody of Jigglypuff carry itself across the room, he heard Link and Samus stop in their tracks, nay he heard them returning toward the windowsill. Panicked and full of remorse Mario flung himself from the windowsill and accepted his fate on the roof below…

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