Playtime with Master Hand – Part II of III

Master hand burst through the door shortly, their face beaming as they cradled four boxes in their arms. Screeching with delight, they wasted no time in jumping onto the bed and pulling the boxes to shreds as the rest of the toys watched on in suspense of the unexpected new arrivals. The new toys were held up one after another and their features surveyed thoroughly. On the third box, Mario was grabbed suddenly and thrust up against another man with a moustache who also wore overalls; only this one wore a green cap and was slightly taller and leaner. Through this Mario got the first glimpse of the other new toys, one an ordinary looking kid holding a baseball bat and another which was pink and round like Kirby.

Master Hand, very much impressed with their new toys, placed them delicately side by side on the ledge above their bed, with Mario included in the throngs next to this similar looking individual. The other toys waited with bated breath as Master Hand turned his attention to the final box.

The kid sat in absolute awe of this new toy. They held it up high to admire it from afar and all of the toys got a glimpse of this mysterious figure. Indeed Link certainly felt unsettled, knowing full well only he had been looked at with such enthusiasm before now. While the others didn’t take much heed of this fascinating moment, it soon realised that play time had changed completely with this new arrival.

“FALCON PUNCH!” shouted this new toy, a muscular man in a blue jumpsuit. He wore a helmet too which seemed to have voice activation buttons on either side. “FALCON KICK!” he cried, and an outcry of delight erupted from Master Hand’s mouth. “FALCON KICK” was heard again, albeit this time he was slammed down right into poor Mario’s face, scattering him, and the rest of the new toys, in their surprise. “FALCON PUNCH” was heard again, and this time the new moustachioed toy got the brunt of it, sending him flying across the room. The other toys were alarmed but there was little time to react. The new style of playtime had begun…


As it came to be, Captain Falcon, with his great muscles, superior agility and loud voice clips became the favourite toy in the room. Link was usurped and what was worse playtime would often see him losing to this newcomer. He felt betrayed, he’d been the favourite for years now; he had a sword and a boomerang and was the warrior of time. How could anything be cooler than that!

Mario in the meantime faced a much stranger dilemma. This moustachioed new toy, who the box stated was Mario’s brother Luigi, had taken his place in playtime too. Of course at first Mario didn’t mind that, he’d spent much of his life cowering at the very thought of play. Yet now his existence had become more meaningless than Kirby’s or Pikachu’s before him, and he’d often find himself left behind in the toy box as play time commenced. He felt conflicted, and he’d often spend his alone time with his head against the toy box wall wailing in despair. At first the other toys tried to console him, but he was too intent on his malady they decided he was better off left to his own devices.

The other two new toys didn’t seem to affect play very much. Ness was a humble child and didn’t much like to bother anybody very much. He wanted to fit in but he wanted to do it in his own time. Jigglypuff however unsettled the other toys. It didn’t much like to mix with them and had been noted to wander around at night on its own. Out of all the toys, even with Mario’s new overlooked position, Jigglypuff had largely been forgotten. Their opinions on the new toy were largely unknown, as they both remained quiet in front of the others.

“Something must be done!” called Link one night after Master Hand went to sleep (at bedtime Falcon had pride of place on the ledge above the bed, a place Link had conveniently forgotten he’d been privileged enough to sit at before now). “This new toy gallivants in, taking our kid’s affections and doesn’t even have the decency to sleep it out with us in the toy box. He insults us, and the very nature of being a toy!” The others listened, and one or two nodded in agreement, albeit they only did so for they felt hurt because the new toy hadn’t introduced themselves yet, which they had become convinced was arrogance on his behalf and not because there hadn’t been an opportunity for introductions as of yet. Almost none of them saw Link’s true intentions in the matter. His vanity was too much for Samus however, who turned quietly away to sleep elsewhere.

Mario simply stared at the ground, occasionally glancing over to Luigi who sat next to Link and who nodded enthusiastically to whatever was said. Mario despised him utterly. He saw Luigi’s desperation to be liked and that of course proved him to be an idiot. And while he thought this he tried his utmost to ignore the niggly feeling in his head that this hatred was born from extreme prejudice. Luigi was contemptible, he was sure of that!

“It is late tonight fellows, but I shall find out what this Falcon toy is all about soon enough!” cried Link. Those who remained in the huddle nodded with assent once more, and they went to sleep that night amongst excited whisperings for what the next day would bring. Luigi even, had been so enthusiastic he insisted on accompanying Link on his quest for answers. At this Mario snorted in disgust and turned away into an uneasy sleep.

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