Pokémon Red and Blue – Team Rocket’s Boss – Part III of III

Giovanni sighed gravely. He loathed the state of his organisation. It was especially taxing to know that many of the members of his squad were indeed criminals. All sorts of people had flocked to his cause without much of an idea precisely what the cause was. He knew for many, this team was an opportunity to spread anarchy across the region and with the underwhelming police force unable to take control of the situation, takeovers such as this had proved easy. Yet some of these men were truly dangerous, not just petty thieves but murderers, rapists, all manner of evil characters. He recalled the savage murder of that Marowak in Lavender Town. It had never been his ideal to rely on such immoral characters, but he supposed anger would naturally flock to more anger. His own morality was no longer sound either. He remembered the agony he’d made those Grunt feel in death, the sound of their bodies crunching beneath the tombstones on the outskirts of town. At least he didn’t need to waste time burying them. He shuddered at what he’d become. He had to hope that Team Rocket’s true purpose would win out in the end, he had to hope that boy was the answer to all this chaos.

That boy, the same one he first met at his Celadon City hideout, did love his Pokémon truly. A quiet kid true, but one could see his strength without the need for words. Yet for someone so young the bond he shared with his creatures was incredible. It was almost like he was born to become the Pokémon Champion.

“Pokémon Champion”, he laughed to himself. A title of little significance in its current standing. He could not comprehend how, even now whilst his Team had usurped the largest technological company in the region, they did not lend any aid. The Gym Leaders too, seemed more satisfied caging themselves up in their own cities, absorbed in their own affairs. These weren’t truly trainers to look up to, these were people of inaction, who simply waited until a challenge would come their way; to actually put themselves into danger seemed completely ludicrous. These were the people that Pokémon Trainers had become, that were the only ones to look up to. And his was the criminal organisation.

He felt a presence behind him. It was his Kangaskhan, the junior now safely back in his mother’s pouch.

“I’m sorry to worry you, Kangaskhan, I’m fine truly.” The Pokémon nuzzled Giovanni affectionately, trying to alleviate what lay heavily on his mind. “The child will be here soon, then we can leave. Then we’ll be one step closer to putting this all to rest.”

Indeed the child, he thought to himself once more. It wouldn’t be long until he was stronger than himself, the mighty Giovanni. Nobody had bested him yet, nobody was worthy enough to take the future into their hands. But soon he could hang up the mantle of Team Rocket, once a Champion he could believe in was crowned. Someone who loved Pokémon. Someone who inspired trainers, who could teach them not to so callously take them away from their homes and into the arms of arrogant, insensitive trainers. Someone who wouldn’t allow organisations such as Silph to benefit on the experimentation of Pokémon. Most importantly, someone who wouldn’t allow Team Rocket to stand in the light of day. That was the type of Champion they needed, not some fop in a cape who never left the confines of the Pokémon League.

The electric door opened once more, interrupting Giovanni’s trail of thoughts as if on cue. The boy entered the room, this little ten year old boy, unafraid of what he was about to face. Giovanni smiled. It was time to continue the lad’s education.

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