Pokémon Red & Blue – Team Rocket’s Boss – Part II of III

He peered through the blinds and gazed down at the streets of Saffron City below. Up on the 12th floor of the Silph Company building, he was able to see far across the Kanto region. He saw the white sails of the yachts in Vermilion Harbour sway in the gentle breeze and could even make out Cycling Road across the bay, which now joined Celadon City to Fuchsia City across the bay. Kanto had become an industrial marvel, and it was clear to him standing so high within this skyscraper that towered above all else in the region, that wealth had permeated the air around him. He could smell the President’s cologne from across the room, the stench turning putrid to his senses, causing him to bite back his distain for the man once more.

He turned his thoughts to the child, the one who challenged him before in Celadon City. A young boy from Pallet Town, starting a journey as a Pokemon Trainer. It seemed wherever Team Rocket turned that child was not far behind. He had confined himself to the notion that all true Pokemon Trainers were gone, but then again, this child had chosen to recklessly stand up against his organisation; that took courage. Yet it was perhaps more than courage, perhaps he did truly love his Pokemon, in fact all Pokemon, as they did him.

His brooding was once again interrupted by the security doors as this time a pair of Grunts walked in, dragging a Silph employee between them. With a final shove, the employee lay at the mercy of the leader of Team Rocket.

“Boss, this one has been caught harbouring one of the lab Pokemon!” The first Grunt to speak had a voice that was only matched in gruffness by the features of his face.

“Yeah boss, a test subject Pokemon” chimed his partner, a much younger but altogether simpler individual. Giovanni cursed them privately. The employee had been beaten badly, but it seemed clear he was unwilling to loosen his grip on the Poké Ball cradled in his hands. What made this creature so special to this employee, while others swiftly handed their Pokemon over without hesitation at the first sign of oppression?

“Kangaskhan!” Giovanni called. “I may have a new companion for the little one, please allow him to look for himself.” All looked up in surprise as emerging from the corner of the room, a junior Kangaskhan, a small humanoid creature which spent much of its childhood protected in his mother’s pouch, waddled toward them. The young creature ran enthusiastically across the room, tripping innocently on his inexperienced legs once or twice along the way. However when he noticed the Silph employee he hesitated and glanced first towards his mother and then back to Giovanni for reassurance. With a kind smile the Grunts barely recognised from their boss, the junior waddled cautiously toward the employee.

The employee was frozen in fear, and fiated his gaze at the Poke Ball in his hands. He flinched as he felt something approach, expecting to be assaulted again for failing to relinquish the Lapras in his hands. But instead he wasn’t attacked and he looked up to meet the eyes of an innocent young Pokemon. They remained gazing at each other for several moments, despite the situation there was no malice between either side.

The junior apparently satisfied with this man, tentatively approached and nuzzled himself into his chest. Giovanni again smiled.

“It seems you treat this Pokemon as if it were your own. Is this true?” The employee froze again, frightened still of the formidable man before him. The warmth of the little Kangaskhan however inspired a degree of courage.

“This Lapras, it’s my friend.” He found no more words and felt foolish he could do no more.

“But he does not belong to you, I see the Silph mark on that Poké Ball. It belongs to this company doesn’t it?” The man nodded sheepishly, worried now what would happen to the Lapras he’d bonded with during the testing in the labs. “Pokemon do not belong in labs. You wish to treat this creature with kindness, yet you allow it to be caged in this building. That’s disappointing.” The employee flinched, believing his time had come. “I have no plans to harm you any more than my Grunt have already taken the liberty to do. Nor do I intend to leave this Pokemon in the hands of these fools.” The employee, looked up meekly at the formidable man before him. The young Kangaskhan now made his way back toward the corner of the room where his mother lay in waiting. “A boy shall pass through these halls not before long. He wears a red cap and one might say he has a way with words. You will hand this Lapras to him, for the greater good. Do you understand?” But the employee was indeed hesitant, quite unsure whether to believe any good will would truly come of this offer. “Don’t worry, you’ll know once you meet him, the creature will be in good hands. Now remove him from this office! And do not harm him anymore, he needs to look presentable.”

The Grunts, disgruntled they were not receiving this rare Pokemon for themselves, took the employee away, locking the security doors and once more leaving Giovanni alone with the president and his assistant.

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