Pokémon Red and Blue – Team Rocket’s Boss – Part I of III

The president’s whimpering was beginning to get on his nerves. The head of Silph Co. sat on his grand sofa, gripped to his seat by the fingers that seemed to be the only part of his body that hadn’t turned into jelly. His assistant showed more composure; she was infallible, and although he could feel the fear emanating from her when he came close, she was certainly doing her best not to show it. Giovanni sighed, he could tell where the talent lay at this company, but he knew respect was rarely given where best deserved. He turned again toward the broken streaks of daylight created by the blinds drawn across the ceiling high window.

“Boss!” A Rocket Grunt barged through the electric door unannounced in alarm, and if only for the dark look on his boss’ face did he remember his manners and stand at attention. With an imploring glance, Giovanni at once forgave the intrusion in favour for the news this Grunt obvious felt compelled to tell him. “Boss that kid has made his way into the building…  he’s found a Card Key for the doors. What would you have us do with him ?” A wry smile spread across Giovanni’s face.

“Let him be, no doubt he will find his way to me in due time. Meanwhile, battle him, train his Pokemon and your own for that matter. Those are my orders.” But the Grunt lingered. He shuffled awkwardly on the spot, anxious to speak his mind but unable to pluck up the courage. His squirming irritated Giovanni. “Do my orders displease you, Grunt? By all means share your thoughts with us, I’d be most glad to hear them.” The Grunt nearly jumped out his skin in fright, trying desperately to think of a way of escaping this trap unscathed. He gulped a heavily.

“Boss, we could easily have the child… you know… killed…” The loaded word escaping his lips he found his voice failing him and the rest of his thoughts became incoherent. Still Giovanni allowed the fellow to finish gaping his mouth like that of a Magikarp before he offered his reply.

“I would gladly have this whole building turned to rubble in an instant, and with it every single one of you pathetic simpletons,” he said, allowing only calm tones to escape his lips. “Yet as long as that boy remains under this roof no such action shall take place. Am I understood?” Again the Grunt remained in place, the audacity it took to have become the speaker for every Grunt in the building apparently condemned to him to ride this out to the end. The meek man cursed his situation.

“But why is this boy so special boss?” He began, deliberating over every word carefully like a child learning to count. “He might be good with Pokemon but… Why do we let him mess with us? We’re Team Rocket aren’t we? We can’t be beaten by a kid?”

“Beaten! Is that what concerns you ingrates!” Giovanni allowed his malice to surface and turned to the Grunt who began whimpering almost as pathetically as the president. He then chose to laugh. “You cannot even begin to understand what Team Rocket is all about. No, we can never be beaten. But I cannot expect you to understand. It is my suggestion you cease asking questions” He looked over the Grunt a moment, pitying his simple mind, ashamed he had to rely on such low-lifes in order to achieve his goal. “Begone now, and ensure the child is not harmed.” The Grunt, thankful he had miraculously escaped punishment, bowed his acquiescence and turned to leave. “And if I find my orders have been disobeyed…” The Grunt stopped in his tracks and turned sheepishly to his boss once more. “… I will level this building with every single last one of you still inside.”

The Grunt gulped and quickened his pace to leave and Giovanni once again turned toward the broken streaks of daylight at the window.

Next: Part II

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