BWU: The Unique Track in CTR: Crash Team Racing

So when it comes to the unique track in Crash Team Racing, there is really only one that sticks out in my mind.

Unique – Turbo Track

Turbo Track

For starters, aesthetically this track is not unique, it obviously sits inside the same stadium that Slide Coliseum does. With huge designs like Hot Air Skyway and Tiny Arena vying for attention with their own special designs, why does Turbo Track stand out among the rest? There’s a nice hint in the name really; Turbo Track is all about Turbos. Almost every inch of the circuit is lined with Turbo pads to take advantage of with so many in fact we can essentially complete the entire race at super speed. In fact the Turbo Pads on Turbo Track provide an even greater Turbo than any other Turbos Pads on any other race track. That makes for a lot of Turbo time! This is what makes the course so unique not just among what’s on offer in this game but also in many other kart racing games. We enjoy that extra burst of speed from boosts like this and there’s a sense of achievement to be had simply trying to remain in that speedier state the entire race. It’s like adding an extra goal on top of trying to win the race and getting the best time, we now can attempt to hit every turbo pad along the way. Ultimately it’s a fun track to race on even if visually it doesn’t stand out amongst the crowd.

On a side note, it is possible to achieve negative time in Relic Race on this track. The only other one where this is possible is Sewer Speedway. That’s how fast we get to race off those Turbo Pads.

And that concludes the Best, Worst, Unique for Crash Team Racing.

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