BWU: The Worst Tracks in CTR: Crash Team Racing

It’s a little difficult to discuss the worst tracks in Crash Team Racing. This is a game I’ve played to death; each track has something special to it that makes it a worthwhile inclusion. Really are there any tracks that stand out as the worst? Well actually yes, one in particular does come to mind…

Worst #1 – Coco Park

Coco Park

This game has sewer pipes, frozen passes, manic labs and a blimp highway. There’s a lot of thematic diversity in this game and each one offer yet another zany circuit to try our hands at. Coco Park in comparison is super dull! It’s definitely more like a traditional race circuit than any other, but when it stands next to so many memorable designs this one just feels boring. The road is really wide so there’s not exactly much chance to get up close and personal with racers. There are a couple of boost pads and of course item crates are aplenty but there are no other hazards to speak of here. It’s all pretty prim and proper which I suppose matches Coco Bandicoot to an extent. She’s the polar opposite to her brother Crash so a smart, well kept track seems appropriate I guess. Yet while the character slots in nicely with the rest of the cast as the straight faced, practically sane sidekick, her race course does not. I suppose on the time trial it teaches us that you can boost jump quite effectively while driving off road. But that’s it, this track we simply want to get over with and move on to more pyramids and lava filled caves!

Worst #2 – Slide Coliseum

Slide Coliseum

The second worst track was a little harder to decide upon, but ultimately it’s got to be Slide Coliseum. Again it’s more of your traditional race circuit kind of track and I’ve chosen it here because I like those boost jumps, and this place doesn’t really have any. There’s that one noticeable corner that’s definitely the most obvious shortcut in the game and jumping over the tyres can be pretty fun, but I like those tracks where you get to leap up high again and again. However I was a little weary of adding this to the worst list. As one can imagine, this track encourages racers to utilise sliding to its maximum potential, and because of this perhaps there’s something I’m personally missing when racing on this track. Writing this now, I feel I should give it a second chance and really try my hand at sliding around them corners properly. Yet I suppose even then I have never felt too much for this track. Thus for me, it’s one of the worst in the game and definitely not one I’d really choose when playing for fun with friends. Besides there’s not really another track I’d feel comfortable stating as the worst in this game.

And that covers the worst tracks in Crash Team Racing. To round this feature off, check in next time for the most unique track in the game.

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