World of Pokémon Day #29 – Promise and the Volcano Badge


Our last full day in Japan has come to a close and thus we wrap up by obtaining our final badge. Of course there’s the Earth Badge but fortunately we picked that up in Hakone when we were there the first time! However as for Indigo Plateau itself, there isn’t truly a spot in Japan’s Kanto region that can call itself a counterpart. A little anticlimatic I know but nevermind. Perhaps the base of Mt. Fuji would have been appropriate (as Fuji itself is actually represented by Mt. Silver that divides Kanto and Johto and is training ground to Red). Then again it just makes it all the more reason to come back again.
Truly the Kanto region here is worth a second visit. Every city and landmark we’ve visited show just how diverse this country can be. What’s more astounding to me is how little of Japan we’ve actually visited. The Kanto region only makes up a small part of central Honshu, there’s so much more to see overall!
Check in tomorrow for the final update when we land back home in England and we can truly put our Pokémon journey to a close, but for now, we got some rest to do before our 12 hour flight!


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