World of Pokémon Day #27 – Saffron City/Marunouchi – Saffron City Gym


We’ve returned to the Imperial Palace, the place where our journey in Japan began. It feels we’ve come full circle but with two days left of our time in this wonderful country, we’ve got just a little bit more time to do more. Regardless today we ventured into the public areas of the Imperial Palace.
The current palace is built upon the site of Edo castle where the Shogunate ruled Japan for several decades. However in 1868 the Shogunate was overthrown and power was restored to the Emperor. At the same time the capital and imperial family were moved to Tokyo and modern Japan, in a sense, moved on from there. However, despite a new palace being built in 1888 the site was destroyed during bombings in World War II and rebuilt once again after that.
But how does this all fit into the Pokémon version of Kanto; there are no Palaces within Saffron City to speak of and god forbid there be some form of monarchy or government that needing a place of residence. However there is one interesting aspect of Saffron City that may be worth noting. Unlike every other city in the series this place has two gyms. That is there is one official one and one that was stripped of its status; the Psychic Type completely annihilated the Fighting Type. It’s an interesting plot point and seems a little overly hostile for one gym to have declared some kind of war on another. But the history of the Imperial Palace and the sight it rests on does find some ground within the tale of the two Saffron City gyms. The old warrior generals, the Shogun, ruled Japan for decades, until one day power returned to those chosen by heaven. The fighting type handed power back over to the Psychics. It’s may be a tenuous link but I feel there’s something in it enough to link the Psychic and Fighting types to this metropolis.
That’s it for Saffron City, and the last day in Tokyo! The trip is almost over but I tell you now we’ve loved this city and even after a month we’re keen to see more. Maybe next year…





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