World of Pokémon Day #25 – Return to Tokyo and a trip to Ginza


We’ve returned once more to Tokyo but sadly it is for our final time! The journey is wrapping up pretty quick now buy we’ve still got 3 badges to go! It’s a mad dash to the finish now but it’ll be worth it by the end.
Today however we’re rather run down and a little under the weather. After the 3 hour journey from Tateyama this morning we decided to take a quick trip to Ginza, being perhaps one of the only major areas of Tokyo we haven’t visited yet.
Shops line the streets of this district and most of them are on the high end of society. All kinds of designers are based here and so are things like the Apple Store. There are also prestigious department shops like Wako, which sell all kinds of expensive items of the highest quality. This place looks Shinjuku look like a bargain bin in comparison. One particularly noteworthy place however is the Sony building. Here the electronics giant showcases all their latest gadgets from cameras to PlayStations for people to try out and potentially buy themselves. It’s an interesting visit and features a couple of extra attractions such as a small photo gallery museum and a small cinema which uses all of the best technology the company has to offer. This seems to be the place to shop if you’ve got serious money to burn, but those with a more modest budget can still enjoy the neon buildings darted around.
There are also a number of theatres in the near vicinity but we need some rest so have headed home to await tomorrow. It’s time to face Sabrina head on and as every player knows, is usually quite a challenge. So check in tomorrow for the Marunouchi district.





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