World of Pokèmon Day #6 – The Road to Viridian


We have arrived in Hakone! From Shimoda, we made a change over to the Hakone-Tozan railway at Odawara and travelled the scenic tracks all the way into the heart of the Hakone area.
But before we left Shimoda still needed to go to the beach, which it are well renowned in the area. Shira-hama beach was only a 10 minutes bus ride from the train station and had some incredible surf going on. I’m a big lover of the sea and the waves were fantastic. Despite the fact we’ve travelled to Hakone with a seemingly infinite supply of sand in tow, it’s a highly recommendable spot. Like the grassy patch of Route 21, it is nestled just behind the town, even though we saw no Tangela lurking around…
Anyway we’re now here in Hakone/Viridian City and after the very traditional Japanese diet we were given in Shimoda, the pizza and beer here are a very welcome sight! Tomorrow we explore this fantastic place and we see if it is worthy of title as the gateway to the Pokèmon League.



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