World of Pokèmon Day #3 – Welcome to Tokyo


So we finally made it to Tokyo! The weather is humid with a strong wind, the streets are bustling with locals who all seem to be on a lunch break at once. In the space of this short day we’ve learnt a few things already.

– Never get on a train when it’s early because it’s definitely the wrong one. Trains here run precisely to their schedule and don’t show up whenever they please like in England. Thankfully our real train was waiting at the next stop still so we got lucky there!
– All the taxi cabs look like Ghostbuster vehicles. I WILL get a photo of one soon enough!
– The JR Rail Pass is already a god send we can get through stations when and as we please. Score!
– Walking down the street is seriously reminiscent of walking the streets of Castelia City in the Unova region. Around 90% of people are out in suits with white shirts, holding their umbrellas and briefcases. Judging from the humidity of the day I can understand white being a good choice.
– Finally the subway system here is really, really easy to figure out. Not like Paris now… we didn’t do so well in Paris…

Speaking of Paris, as we couldn’t check in to our hotel until 3pm we took a trip down to the Tokyo Tower. Lighter and slightly taller than the Eiffel Tower that inspired it, it is a bright red communications/observation tower. It also houses a small shopping centre at the bottom and a One Piece amusement park, which looks like a kind of Cadbury’s World type affair. We were too tired to go in but anyone visiting Tokyo who loves One Piece this is the place to go!
To wrap this up however, tomorrow we head to south to Pallet Town to a place called Shimoda down the Izu Peninsula. We’ll be trying to see if the peaceful town of the games can be found at this seaside, port town. Until then however we’re going to grab some grub and fall asleep. Here are some pictures to wrap up the day with.

imageimageimageimage image

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