Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island – A Band of Yoshi – Part III of III

The adventure had taken a sour turn after the loss of Pink Yoshi. The group’s spirit had depleted and even Yellow Yoshi wasn’t able to brighten the mood. Light Blue Yoshi had become so miserable she would burst into tears at any and every moment. It made the burden of the baby harder to bear as they all knew now that the Koopa army really meant to go all out in order to have Mario for themselves. They continued their quest around Yoshi Island, and one by one the castles of the Koopa army were torn down. But Pink wasn’t the only casualty along the way.

They lost Red within a cave after they thought Mario had tumbled into a ravine. Mario had found a Super Star and was fine but Red had supposedly jumped in too soon to save him. Light Blue and Brown had both been grabbed by the Naval Piranha Plant and dragged into its murky waters despite the plant’s hasty demise, and Yellow had been placed directly in Raphael Raven’s path and blown far off into the icy mountains. Thus only Purple, Green and Dark Blue remained to unite the baby brothers. But Purple was more nervous than ever.

“This has gone way too far! How have we lost so many Yoshi! This doesn’t make sense; they were all safe one second and then ‘poof’ they’re gone; something feels off I’m telling you guys. I’m not making it up this time!” Blue agreed but did not voice her opinion; she was watching Green carrying the Baby, coddling him with no cares in the world. As the journey had progressed Green had become more and more protective of him and the time Mario spent with the others had become few and far between. But what Blue couldn’t understand was how the loss of their friends hadn’t affected Green in the slightest; his love of the Baby seemed to have wiped all others from his mind. She was worried, but her grief prevented her from making sense of these strange occurrences. She knew that this Baby needed to be safe, for the sake of the entire Mushroom Kingdom they needed to be reunited, but she just didn’t understand how they had to lose so much to accomplish this.

They ventured further into Bowser’s Kingdom, one long cave turning into a veritable underground labyrinth. They climbed through a door and all of a sudden found themselves falling without any clear sign of where the ground was. Disappearing down different paths, the three Yoshi were now separated. Green hit the ground hard and the Baby on his back began to cry.

“Hush little one. We’re okay, don’t you cry now. I wouldn’t let any harm come to you my dear.” He began to cradle Mario and soon the baby was calm and tranquil once more. Green gazed lovingly at the bundle in his arms. “Nobody will ever tear us apart. Not Bowser, not Kamek, not even those stupid Yoshi. Soon it’ll be just you and me I promise. Only two more dummies to go, then we’ll find your brother and live happily ever after just the three of us. Would you like that Baby? We’ll be nice and safe and you’ll grow up to be the best hero who ever lived.” Green continued on in a similar vein, his ambitions blinding him from the uncomfortable expression on Mario’s face, like he was becoming frightened of his protector.

“What are you talking about Green?” Green looked around violently and saw Purple timidly step out of the shadows. “What did you do to the others? You haven’t really…” his voice trailed off, he saw the truth in Green’s crazed eyes.

Green smiled abjectly. “I’m sorry Purple, I did really like you, you know.” He threw an egg without warning, hitting Purple on the head and knocking him out entirely.

Purple awoke in Blue’s arms, badly injured and incapable of moving. Green had attacked quickly but upon hearing footsteps in the distance fled before he had to face two Yoshi instead of one. Purple was badly injured by the egg, and Blue knew he wasn’t going any further by himself.

“Green’s gone mad Blue. He wants to keep the babies, he wants to raise them. But he has no right Blue!” Blue gently comforted him.

“It’s okay Purple…”

“It’s not okay! He hurt our friends! All of them!” he exclaimed but Blue shushed him.

“Come on let’s get you out of here friend.” Blue helped Purple to his feet and they began to make their way out of the underground labyrinth. For Blue her sense of dread made sense, and an uncomfortable truth for her was now confirmed. She knew she couldn’t allow Green to get away with what he’d done to all of them. Her resolve was strong as she helped Purple to safety she vowed to catch up to Green, certain she wouldn’t be too far behind.

Green rejoiced! He had defeated both Kamek and Baby Bowser and found Baby Luigi and the Stork that had originally been employed to deliver them to their parents safe and sound. The stork was relieved. “Please help me down from my chains, friend. These babies are long overdue and I must finish my task.” But Green ignored it and scooped Baby Luigi in his arms. “Do you not hear me friend! Where are you going?” But it was as if Green was on another planet, he now had both babies in his arms and was whispering baby talk in their ears. He laughed inwardly at his triumph.

But Luigi began to yell out. His friend the stork had been left behind and he was being taken away by this strange dinosaur creature. Furthermore his brother Mario did not look happy or comfortable. He squirmed violently and Green found it difficult to hold on. The baby squirmed as hard as he could and Mario, seeing his brother’s distress began to do the same. Green was overwhelmed as the two babies, kicking and screaming jumped out of his arms. Luigi, grabbing one of Green’s eggs in the confusion, threw it to the stork and broke its ties, setting the bird free. The stork unleashed its fury on Green; at an incredible speed he scooped both babies in a bundle and knocked Green out of the way as if he were nothing. The babies rejoiced as they were finally on their way to meet their parents flying off into the sunset, while Green was left alone atop the barren castle.

He cried he lungs out after the babies, he felt his heart had been torn in two and he wailed until his voice went hoarse. The babies were gone, and the life he had hoped for was over. But soon his sadness was replaced by an acute sense of fear as he realised there was still one Yoshi he’d never managed to deal with. Alone and afraid, Green knew it was only a matter of time before Dark Blue found him…

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