Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island – A Band of Yoshi – Part II of III

The Yoshis’ quest took them far from their home. It seemed every Shy Guy on the island had mobilised against them, making progress difficult. Baby Mario was quite the burden also and the Yoshi decided to take it in turns to carry him to keep them all fresh. But Green Yoshi was very reluctant to let the baby out of his sight and when it wasn’t his turn to carry him; he’d stay close to the carrier Yoshi, not once letting them out of his sight. Dark Blue Yoshi was unnerved by Green’s behaviour but had faith the other Yoshi would not put up with his nonsense for long.

What worried Dark Blue more were the number of small castles that had been erected around the island. She hadn’t realised how much work the Koopa’s had done since they arrived; many of her favourite places had been ruined by brick and steel. Kamek the Magikoopa was never too far off their heels either and with every new castle came another creature for him to transform and attack the Yoshi with. Yellow Yoshi was truly enjoying each encounter, believing the whole experience to be one big game for them all to play, while Purple Yoshi still couldn’t quite face up to the bigger and therefore more frightening enemies.

Nonetheless the group overcame each new boss battle thrown at them and Kamek was becoming increasingly frustrated as the journey continued. Pink Yoshi would make certain their enemy was okay before they headed out towards the next castle on the way to Bowser’s, which lay within the mountains at the centre of the island. But it was when they encountered Kamek for the fourth time that he said something of special attention.

“Yoshi dear that baby is going to cause disaster to befall the Koopas. So give him here before you accidentally get hurt!” he declared as he magically summoned a giant ghost to appear out of a potted plant. The Yoshi were on guard already but the ghost, named Roger, threw its form at them and stunned Pink Yoshi on the spot. Red and Light Blue Yoshi began to throw eggs at the hideous thing but they didn’t even phase the ghost.

“Come on guys it’s a ghost! You think throwing eggs will work?!” yelled a disdainful Brown Yoshi. Roger swooped in once more and scattered the Yoshi entirely, knocking Baby Mario off Dark Blue’s back. Purple Yoshi ducked for cover but tripped in his anxiety and rolled close to the plant pot that Roger was spewing forth. The ghost’s menacing was too much for Purple.

“Get away you horrible, plant, ghost… thing!” He put all his weight behind the plant pot, and it began to move. Meanwhile Dark Blue leapt with all her might to grab Baby Mario, but in her haste jumped straight into Roger’s sight. He threw himself at the Yoshi once more and Dark Blue braced herself for the impact.

Roger missed; she caught the Baby and landed safely on her feet. Purple Yoshi had moved Roger’s pot far enough to keep him entirely out of range to attack. She thanked Purple for her thinking and called the other Yoshi together to aid in pushing the plant pot over the edge near the far wall. They all rallied together as Shy Guys began to fall from the sky to act as counter-weight. But the Yoshi were too strong together and Roger began to sweat, the way only a ghost can. He was about to go over the edge and victory was assured but the ghost tried one last time to scatter the dinosaurs. He threw his form erratically at the group and hit straight into Pink and Green Yoshi. They were sent flying the same moment Roger’s pot went over the edge and the ghost plummeted into the darkness below.

The pair slammed into the wall on the other side of the room and began to fall into their own abyss. The group of Yoshi only had a moment to see their friends disappear from view entirely. But what they didn’t see was that they both had clung on to the edge. Green had grabbed onto the wall while Pink had only just managed to grasp hold of him. “Oh my we’re saved Greenie! I thought we were goners! That poor ghost I hope he’s okay. If I climb up now I’ll be able to pull you up over the edge.” She began to climb up Green’s back but he shook her horribly and she almost fell entirely if she had not found onto Green’s foot on her way. “What are you doing Greenie? Did I hurt you, oh I’m so sorry!” But a grim expression flashed across Green’s face.

“This Baby is going to change the world Pink. I’m going to cherish him forever. And I’m not going to share him with anybody!” Pink gasped in shock but had no time to respond as Green kicked her in the face and sent her cascading into the darkness below.

The other Yoshi stood with baited as they feared their friends had been lost forever. When Green pulled himself over the side they rejoiced, thinking both were safe and sound. But the sadness on Green’s face told them that Pink hadn’t been so lucky…

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