Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island – A Band of Yoshis – Part I of III

“So what do we do about him?” Purple Yoshi exclaimed as the docile baby stared up into his dinosaur face.

“Can’t we keep him, he’s so cute and tiny, but look at his eyes they’re so fierce. He’s a strong little tyke, aren’t you Baby!” Pink Yoshi blew a raspberry in the baby’s face which made him cry out with laughter.

“Keep him? Are you mad?! I’ll never sleep if he makes that kind of racket,” Brown Yoshi was largely unimpressed by the little bundle of joy that had suddenly landed in their lives.

“He’s only happy to see so many friendly creatures.” Yellow Yoshi picked up the Baby and held him out for Brown Yoshi to hold. “Look he loves you Brownie, love him too!” He held the Baby out to Brown Yoshi but her look of disgust would not falter.

“Do I look like a babysitter Yellow,” she grumbled. A breeze picked some of the pollen off one of the nearby flowers and blew across the baby’s face, causing him to sneeze with the most delicate of sounds. Brown Yoshi melted at this adorable turn of events and conceded. “Okay he’s cute I’ll give him that.” Yellow and Pink Yoshi jumped with glee at winning her over.

“Don’t get too excited guys you’ll distress him!” Green Yoshi grabbed the infant out of their hands and placed him delicately on his back once more. He found the baby and he did not appreciate Yellow’s forthcoming in grabbing the poor thing off his back without warning. Dark Blue Yoshi meanwhile looked at the child deep in thought.

“What’s wrong Blue, you seem quiet, is there anything the matter?” asked Purple Yoshi.

“The poor thing was being targeted by that Magikoopa…”

“Don’t mention that horrible thing” Purple interrupted. “I still have nightmares about her; see look I’m trembling at the very thought of her and that castle. That horrible, dank, scary, spooky, intimidating, forbidding, ugly, smelly, terrible…”

“Yes we all get it the castle isn’t nice, are you done listing adjectives Purple?” Red Yoshi yelled.

“Well I had a few more in the pipeline,” Red rolled his eyes, “But I suppose you get the gist of things…” Blue Yoshi waited for Red to calm down again before she continued her trail of thought.

“What would Kamek want with an infant such as this? We get loads of storks fly over this island unharmed. Why target one all of a sudden? What’s so special about this baby…?”

“Mario” declared Green Yoshi. The others turned to him and he repeated. “His name is Mario. I found the birth certificate in the bundle he landed on me with.”

“Mario then…” Dark Blue Yoshi again took a look at this child and this time Mario met her gaze. Pink was right, his stare was fierce. Even without knowing the particulars, this baby was special indeed. And if Kamek took the risk of interfering with the stork, it would mean this baby wouldn’t be safe until he was far out of the Magikoopa’s reach.

“Why did you wait until now to tell us this,” yelled Red Yoshi. “Let me see that bundle!” But Green Yoshi didn’t like Red’s attitude and began to step away from him. Red, not understanding Green’s apprehensions continued to struggle to grab the bundle off Green’s back and soon his patience was at its end. “Stop dancing and show me that bundle!” he yelled. Baby Mario, seeing the dinosaur’s rage opened his mouth and began to cry, bellowing at an incredible volume.

“Look what you’ve done now Red!” shouted back Green and arguments soon matched the cries of the baby. Yellow swooped in again in the turmoil and tried to calm the poor thing down, but this made green even more angry and defensive.

At that moment however, a horde of Shy Guys appeared out of the bushes. The Yoshi had long shared their island with the Shy Guys in peace although relations had been few and far between. Ever since the construction of Bowser’s Castle, in honour of the new born Koopa King, they had shut out the Yoshi’s from their company entirely. Many suspected the Magikoopa had something to do with their change of behaviour. A leader Shy Guy, wielding a spear and wearing their traditional warrior uniform, stepped forward and issued commands in their strange tongue to its brethren. A small unit emerged from the bushes and headed straight for Yellow. The Yoshi’s were bemused by the interruption, and even more so when the Shy Guys snatched little Baby Mario straight out of Yellow’s hands. A bubble formed around the small baby and suddenly a group of Toadies could be seen on the horizon heading straight for him.

“It’s Kamek’s magic,” exclaimed Dark Blue. “Quickly somebody grab the Baby!” The Yoshi’s scrambled but only Brown was close enough to grab him. Hesitant, she leapt up high and, bounding off the top of a Shy Guy, grabbed Mario just in time before the Toadies swooped in to take him away. Meanwhile the other Yoshi’s began gobbling up the Shy Guys and laying them out in inescapable eggs. Red Yoshi began grabbing these eggs and throwing them at their enemies which caused such great alarm they fled as fast as their little legs could carry them.

Purple poked his head out of from the bush he had hid in shortly after the attack began. “Did we win?” he asked, too shaken to care much for his cowardice.

“It seems so,” Dark Blue answered. “For now the Baby is safe. But I have a feeling Kamek won’t rest until he’s captured him for himself.” Purple quailed at the prospect while the others felt the enormity of the situation.

“We’ll protect him!” declared Green, swelling with pride at such a selfless declaration. “We can do that; I’d rather die than let anything happen to him!” Pink and Yellow rejoiced at the idea but it seemed Red and Brown were still undecided, while Purple was remained inconsolable after the ambush.

“But what about his real parent’s Green. We can’t keep this baby, he isn’t ours.” Green returned an ice cold stare to Dark Blue, not wanting to give up this bundle of joy that came to him, specifically to him, out of the nowhere. But the decision would have to wait as Light Blue Yoshi came charging into the clearing.

“I’ve just seen Kamek flying towards the castle with a Stork and what looks like a baby.” She then saw the baby in their possession. “It seems I’ve missed something again haven’t I?” she moaned.

“Another baby?” questioned Dark Blue. “Green, was there another certificate in that bundle?” But Green was hesitant to respond, prompting Red to use to snatch the bundle off his back and take a look himself.

“One certificate for a Mario and… another for his brother Luigi. It seems there is another baby in the works in trouble here. The plot thickens!”

“But that baby has been taken to Bowser’s Castle” wailed Purple, “who knows what kind of horrible things they’ll do to him there!”

“It looks like the baby is doomed, the poor soul,” sighed Light Blue. The Yoshi’s became morose at the thought of Mario’s brother trapped inside such an evil place. But Dark Blue Yoshi had made up her mind already.

“This castle has been an evil omen on our island ever since its construction. But now it seems its inhabitants want to attack Stork’s and kidnap babies as well. I don’t know for sure what the Koopa’s want with these brothers, but it seems they’ve been dropped in our laps for a reason. I know you all feel something for these brothers already, though they have only arrived in our lives so recently. We should help reunite them, however we can, and in so doing get them to their rightful home. Kicking the Koopa’s off the island will just be an added benefit.”

Some of the Yoshi’s took more persuasion than others to agree to undertake this dangerous task. But they all felt somehow duty bound to protect these brothers. And thus the band of dinosaurs left the safety of their home and headed out to Bowser’s Castle, to return Mario to his brother Luigi.

Next: Part II



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