Donkey Kong Country – Blood and Bananas in Kong Territory – Part III of III

Warning: This piece contains explicit content not intended for younger audiences.

For the most part, the madness of the island faded away. The Kremlings were sent to work in the factories and the Kong family returned to their lives of leisure. Funky Kong made regular visits to the shack however to provide a status update on how the Kremlings were adjusting to their new roles. As for Donkey and Diddy Kong, they spent much of their time at the beach with Candy Kong doting on their every need. But Donkey Kong’s disinterest had not lifted nor had the malaise that currently rocked Diddy Kong’s mind.

The night after the Kremling round-up, Donkey had been impressed with Diddy’s efforts and as a reward offered him his girlfriend Candy Kong for the night. The young chimp hadn’t wanted to touch her; her fear was almost as repulsive as his own. But he’d known he couldn’t refuse the gift and thus he fucked her, poorly. At the end, he had left hurriedly and wept in solitude, finally succumbing to the madness of the past few days. Candy had not spoken a word to Donkey about the night nor had Donkey asked about it. He too had changed of late but he was unreadable, stoic, whereas Diddy steadily declined.

They both stayed clear of the rotting bodies of the King and the Kong. Cranky refused to take them down, and had assaulted Donkey Kong for simply suggesting it was time to move them. He wanted to enjoy the smell of death until it was engraved in the nostrils of the entire island. The smell would linger in the very trees around them and so no one would forget his wrath. He had been seen throwing rocks at the bodies from time to time, steadily deforming them further beyond recognition. Donkey had accepted his punishment and returned to indifference once more.

Diddy’s state of mind however was becoming erratic shifting from deep reverie to inexplicable energy. The screams of the Kremling generals, and the killing of the dissenter flung around his head so much that at times he shot up in excitement and, trembling, demanded to be entertained lest he have to dwell on such matters. His attentions on Candy Kong had become particularly aggressive but with Donkey’s protection she withstood them despite her concerns. It wasn’t until Cranky called Donkey Kong out on a job that Diddy unleashed his frustrations. She had been caught unawares, fear and surprise seized her. He knew she didn’t want him but it helped numb his frantic mind. He found release in her, he told himself that for the moment he needed her, he needed this to keep sane… Candy couldn’t even feel the warmth of the sun as dawn finally eclipsed the horrors of the night.

The following day Diddy had sunk further into his agonising reverie, not yet capable of processing the atrocity he’d committed which now wracked his soul. He’d found his night with Candy hadn’t stopped his pain and so had turned to the very bananas that had started it all, that the Kong’s were forbidden to touch. He was so far gone that he didn’t notice Donkey Kong burst into his room in a furore. He hardly felt the gorilla beat him senseless, blinding him and filling his ears with blood. He was glad he couldn’t defend himself, even more so he welcomed the thrashing with an open heart. The pain inflicted on him almost equalled the pain he’d been dealing with inside and the thought of that Kremling, beaten and close to death on the ground made him feel peace at last. It was now his turn to die and whether he realised why or not he no longer cared for his miserable life. But death did not take him…

He awoke stranded on the beach, his body a crumpled mess. Donkey Kong was standing over him but unable to look at his former best friend. The gorilla spat on him, he took the chimp’s hat and deciding upon his course, left him to tend his own injuries. Diddy tried to lift himself up but a white light of pain shot through his head and he collapsed to the ground again. Unable to move, he sighed with relief. He had been ejected from the Kong family, banished and now shamed. Perhaps Cranky had known he wasn’t up to the job after all, he thought, but another Candy Kong flashed across his mind for a moment and the sense of guilt was so acute he cried out. He was no longer sure he was glad to be alive still, and lay in the sand trying to decide for certain, should he get up and continue living, or should he succumb to his injuries and take the easy way out.

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