Donkey Kong Country – Blood and Bananas in Kong Territory – Part II of III

Warning: This piece contains explicit content not intended for younger audiences.

The Kremlings had been all but eliminated in what the creatures of Donkey Kong Island would later refer to as the night the sky cried red. Cranky Kong revelled in the drama of it and spent many a night in joyous uproar at the thought of it. K. Rool was placed alongside the body of his son and the wrath of the Kongs was now deep set in the minds of everyone on the island.

But young Diddy Kong had been unnerved by the events that had taken place; seeing the two distorted bodies raised side by side turned his stomach. He felt even more uncomfortable when Cranky handed him K. Rool’s crown as a trophy for their achievements. He thought about how this had all began, when a Kremling had jumped him and stuffed in in that barrel in front of the banana hoard. He had failed Cranky Kong then and yet unlike Donkey Kong Jr. he had been allowed to live, in fact honoured even by being allowed to join his uncle Donkey Kong to put the Kremlings in their place. He’d never seen nor imagined such violence in all his life, though he always knew his life had been surrounded by something unsightly. He felt like this journey had been an initiation of sorts for him but now he’d lived it he thought, did he truly want to be part of this world?

Uncle Donkey Kong hadn’t said much throughout the job and had rather let his muscles do all the work. Every new banana hoard they found they faced an opponent more terrified and frantic than the last. But he hadn’t flinched as they begged for mercy, nor was he remotely perturbed when his fists cracked their skulls in two. At these moments he had turned to the shocked little Diddy Kong and said “It is our job and nothing more.” No words had been shared on the death of his father, whom Diddy knew Donkey had loved and revered very much. He’d just shut off and completed the work Cranky Kong had given to them, betraying any emotion whatsoever.

And those poor Kremling generals, all of whom hardly knew what was coming for them, so baked on those bananas that all they felt by the end was an all-consuming fear. The screams had been bone chilling and there was more to come, Diddy had been invited by Cranky to witness the punishment of all that had been rounded up in the days succeeding the night of K. Rool’s defeat. With a sense of dread, the young chimp made his way to Cranky’s shack where the other Kongs waited for him.

In a long train, all chained together and many beaten badly already, the Kremlings waited for their fate to be determined, now prisoners of a war they had hardly known was happening. Funky Kong, as jailor, acknowledged Diddy’s arrival and signalled for him to climb up to the gang planks of Cranky’s shack. There the crazy old coot greeted him warmly and motioned him to join Donkey Kong by his side. His uncle was being doted on by the voluptuous Candy Kong. However her features betrayed the fear that was in her eyes as she continued to groom Donkey Kong despite the gorilla’s indifference. She blew young Diddy a kiss but he could see the hollowness behind her affections. Cranky cleared his throat and began to decree his judgement.

The Kremlings were spared, but now would serve the Kong family in every demand no matter how lethal it would prove to them. Kremkroc Industries, Inc. still needed workers after all and the banana’s still required patsy distributors, and more importantly consumers. But as he condemned them to their fate a plucky Kremling stood up to defy him. He cursed the Kong’s for not only destroying the island but also the Kremlings as a race who were now victims to the demon banana fruit the Kong’s had brought into their lives. Cranky waited patiently for the Kremling to finish his piece. He knew the others would never have the audacity this individual had to speak in such a manner to him. He was actually rather pleased that such an opportunity to fully initiate his new recruit had arisen. As Funky Kong proceeded to beat the insolence out of this individual, Cranky summoned Diddy to his side.

“Diddy Kong my lad, please would you kill this Kremling,” he said plain and simple for all to hear. But Diddy hesitated; thus far he had not taken a life with his own hands. Cranky was staring down at him expectantly but he was still unsure if he could accomplish this task. The moment lingered for what felt like an eternity. Diddy looked over to his uncle who simply nodded his assent. Diddy was trapped.

He slowly made his way back down the ladder as Cranky called Funky to cease the assault. Diddy looked around at the fellow Kremlings, all fear stricken, all knowing their brethren’s fate, all realising how expendable their lives had become. He stood over the body of the dissenting Kremling, whose breath had become strained and ineffectual; he was going to die regardless. With tears forming in Diddy’s eyes, he delivered the final blow.

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