Donkey Kong Country – Blood and Bananas in Kong Territory – Part I of III

Warning: This piece contains explicit content not intended for younger audiences.

K. Rool tried frantically to fend off his attackers. They had landed aboard his ship with little warning and slaughtered the crew they could get their hand on without mercy. The remainder had jumped ship lest they meet the same fate those on the island had received. He flung his weighty crown at them and tried to use his own body mass as a weapon but they moved all too swiftly and he soon realised they were simply toying with him. Fear overcame him and soon he was grabbing all he could find to try and get away from them. Alas the intoxication of the bananas made him flail and he was all but a blubbering mess as the Kongs loomed over him as cold as ice. His life was now forfeit and tears ran thick from his frantic eyes.

Donkey and Diddy Kong sailed away from the ship later that evening. An extra cargo boat had been summoned almost immediately to carry the banana hoard that had been taken from them. The flames engulfing the ship grew high into the sky and acted as a signal for all on Donkey Kong Island to beware. Against this backdrop, atop the mighty reclaimed banana hoard stuck firmly on a pike, was the head of King K. Rool, distorted by fear and the bananas that had for so long plagued his life and turned his mind into mush.

A steady beat echoed around the island, a beat of triumph for the Kong family. The island was once again undoubtedly their territory. The Kremlings which remained on the island were consumed by fear, for they knew it was only a matter of time before they were rounded up to face the wrath of this powerful family. Many ended it all at the first glimpse of their King’s head floating towards the island; others had already been grabbed by the other Kongs and were denied such an easy escape. The sun set red and vicious that night, as if the blood on the ground had risen up into the sky to coat the entire island in a deathly veil.

Cranky Kong sat on his rocking chair, overlooking the bay which his two young protégées were sailing across. A thin smile spread across his face as he rocked gently on the breeze. He could smell the blood of the day softly infecting the air, knowing Donkey and Diddy had done well, knowing they had succeeded in re-establishing the Kong’s as a family never to be trifled with. He could almost taste the oppression in the air as even the trees of the Kongo Jungle bowed to his authority. He was sole master of this island, and the Kong family were again on top.

He began to surmise how he would re-instate the banana trade upon the island. The Kremlings had surely overstepped their mark, rebelling like this with King K. Rool. However he knew they needed his bananas now more than the food they ate or the air they breathed. It was their complete and total addiction to this fruit that had resulted in the theft in the first place. Pity that K. Rool was an addict he thought to himself, he certainly had the smarts if only he kept his head clean. But one can never trust an addict; they’ll always betray you for the drug that they love. Like his own son, Donkey Kong’s father. If his addiction hadn’t overcome him, then this grim day would have not been necessary. But, he thought with a twisted smile, it’s always nice to show people what kind of twisted mother fucker you truly are inside.

High above the Kongo Jungle was suspended the body of Donkey Kong Jr., who had given K. Rool the key to stealing the banana hoard, and thus had paid the ultimate price. His body too stood as a statement; nobody received mercy if they crossed with the Kong family.

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