Kirby’s Dream Land – Fear and Loathing in Dream Land – Part III of III

I wake up with an unyielding thirst and a cold sweat across my body. Unable to discern my location I thrash about the place hoping some water will make itself known. A Pep Bottle meets my hand and I guzzle it down without a second thought. The fluid helps me to regain some sense of composure and so I try to get to my feet. There is nowhere to go in here apart from towards the light and it sickens me to have to behold it. I take a few tentative steps towards it before hurling myself out into this unknown place.

It is not as bad as I feared, I find myself in a pleasant wood and the birds are singing peacefully to the calm of the day. A pleasing calm comes over me too and, though a haze still clouds my vision, I attempt to venture further in the hope of reuniting with my friends. I have to climb a few ledges and my head is becoming clearer with each one. I wouldn’t mind if only that desire for more food would die down. But I can feel it demanding more, this desire that has turned feral and threatens to do something drastic if it is not satisfied. The light of the day beats down through the trees and I feel so helpless under its power.

A tower lies before me and again I begin my ascent, methodically, each story cleansing my body of the food that had for so long consumed my entire mind. The desire is growing more intense in the darkness, as if it’s closer to a natural state and is thriving off of it. But my will is stronger here and I continue moving, knowing if I stop here both of us will waste away. At last I reach the top of the tower and enter the door on the other side.

A huge drop meets my first step out of the tower and tumbling through the branches I land headfirst onto some soft ground, more surprised than hurt. But an apple has landed next to me and my concerns are gone as I swiftly inhale the delightful treat…

The next few days are no longer within my power to recall. Strange images haunt my mind of trees with facial expressions and that Eye swirling around. A small pink blob flings itself around my head and every time I think about it I begin to lose my senses entirely. Dread lies over those memories and when I try to remember them a great fear rises over me and I flee to the food that is my only comfort. My friends are no longer around me, Dream Land has cast me aside and I lie in the ruins of my former castle having lost everything. I wish it had all been a dream, perhaps it all was. A desire to consume all had taken over me and in my attempts to fulfil this I seem to have lost myself along the way. Dream Land may have changed me in ways I do not care for to recognise.

Yet I stand up triumphantly and think to myself, “you’ve tried it, and attained an appetite for it and no matter how hard you try you’ll never get over this, you are lost.” I smile a twisted smile and begin to inflate my body once more. Sorry Dream Land but you’ve got one wild time that I’ll never get over. I’m so happy I begin to sing and thus I return to Dream Land for more, raving and screaming the entire way.

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