Kirby’s Dream Land – Fear and Loathing in Dream Land – Part II of III

We’ve been floating for who knows how long, but the Eye almost senses my urges and lands whenever food is to be taken. The ground is no longer in any discernible direction and it seems a void has replaced where Dream Land is supposed to be. I mourn the loss of the land yet I’m still certain the Eye keeps setting down somewhere.

But no time to find out where the land has gone, it seems the clouds have increased in size and density. I can almost reach out and touch them. The Eye drifts by one and I grab a handful. Shoving it in my mouth I imagine a burst of water rushing through my body but the sensation quickly dissipates. I need more. I usher the Eye to go close to another one and it obeys. I attempt to grab more of these bubbly clouds but I try too hard to get some. I’ve slipped and now hang atop one of the Eyes spikes by the fur of my coat. The swaying is horribly nauseating and I begin to vomit. The vomit tumbles into the void and I am petrified at the thought.

The Eye begins to strain from my weight and is now colliding with all kinds of clouds. Many of these have begun to stick to its spikes but unlike its alternate form these seem to cause it discomfort. A fountain of ecstasy flows through the Eye and its gone berserk. I attempt to free myself but only more vomit escapes me. A large dollop makes it home on the Eye’s side and it stops with an urgency that flings me from my hanger and throws me into the clouds around us. I hit a bench and cascade into a lamppost. There seems to be a world living inside this cloud. The void is not all-consuming after all. Here there’s this bench and this lamppost and their malleable and now I’ve crashed into them they taunt me with the new reality they present me. Frightened by their menacing forms I smash them to pieces with my hammer and attempt to flee this horrible place.

However, the Eye is waiting for me. An excited rage is flowing through it, its form is twitching uncertainly but the eye itself remains horribly still, glazed over and dead. This ghastly sight is too much to bear and again my hammer will solve this crisis. I attack but the clouds around him just fizzle and reform.  I begin to eat the clouds but this also does nothing and so the creature attacks me. I’m knocked back into the remains of the lamppost and in my daze I only have enough time to see the spike coming right for me. I roll over and narrowly escape death. The adrenaline kicks in now and picking up the broken lamppost I hurl it at my adversary, battle cry piercing the void. It crashes into the Eye full force and it wails in pain.

I think it’s over now and it’ll have calmed down. I creep over to the quivering mass to check if it has dulled its spikes. The creature remains docile and still, too still actually, deadly still. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I stand flabbergasted over the body of my former friend when a burst of life shoots out of it, knocking me flying out of the clouds and down into the void I both feared and loved.

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