F-Zero – A Tale of Two Cartridges – Part I of III

“It is a beautiful day in Mute City and we’re about to witness the beginning of another glorious F-Zero championship. The racers looked pumped and ready to go wouldn’t you say brother?”

“Yes Luigi this looks to be one excellent league match-up. We’re about to see the first race in the Knight League and the very first race in this here grand prix.”

The Mario Brothers were sat within the commentary box looking over the starting line-up of F-Zero racers. The city and its hi-tech skyscrapers stretched out before them as far as the eye could see and on the horizon they could just make out the other side of the track the racers were to traverse. They’d been told commentating would be easy enough as each racer’s vehicle would be distinctive enough from a distance to determine their position.

“And here come the racers now and as we can see showboating is no stranger to these guys. There’s Doctor Stuart flashing those pearly whites to the ladies. But it looks like his fun is being spoilt as Pico emerges from the pit.”

“He sure loves playing the villain card doesn’t he; he’s terrifying Mario.”

“Sure is brother and he is a racer to be reckoned with, he’s one ruthless competitor.”

“Ooh Mario here come Samurai Goroh and he does not look at all happy. I wonder what’s on his mind.”

“No time for that now brother the man of the hour has finally arrived, it’s everybody’s star racer and icon of F-Zero racing, Captain Falcon. Look at him as he waves to the crowd; he’s as confident as ever.”

“That sure doesn’t please Goroh down by the Fire Stingray though; he’s shut himself tight inside his cockpit like Koopa inside its shell.”

“Well perhaps the other racers should take his example as the race is about to start!”

The racers began to climb inside their vehicles, and soon enough the countdown began. The crowd were screaming their racers’ names as the green lights signalled to go and the machines dashed off at incredible speeds into the distance. The race was finally underway.

“Oooh did you see that collision on the first corner there Mario.”

“Yes Luigi it looks as though the race is already over for those guys but thankfully nobody has been hurt in this opening race.”

“Oh but Mario look at the battle for first place, someone’s going to crash!”

The Fire Stingray had reached its maximum speed early on and had left the other racers in the dust, only now the Blue Falcon was finally on its tail for the final corner of the lap. Both racers weren’t about to give way but upon entering the second lap Goroh sky-rocketed ahead with the power of his exceptional S-Jet boost. His judgement had been poor however as he hit the corner too fast and battered up his ship along with it, allowing Captain Falcon to easily soar past to take the lead.

“There is something just not right about Goroh today brother that was surely a poor moment of judgement.”

Angered at his loss of place Goroh had now been demoted to fifth. Making his way towards the last corner a racing drone blocked his way forward and again he hit the sides of the track. This enraged him further and even then as he regrouped another racer attempted to overtake. With all his aggression unleashed in that moment he drove the Fire Stingray into this rival participant who’s vehicle, not being as sturdy as Goroh’s flew through the magnetic barriers and began to fly off the 3000 feet high track.

“Mamma mia, Mario that thing is heading straight for our tower!”

“Watch out Luigi!” Mario grabbed his brother and the duo took cover as the vehicle smashed into the tower several feet below making the entire structure shake violently. The overall damage to the building could not be assessed in that moment but as the officials raced towards the wreckage a disturbing realisation hit Mario, one that knocked him senseless. Where were they? Why were they not in the Mushroom Kingdom? And why did he suddenly feel like the last several days had been wiped from his memory. Unsteady due to the trauma of the last few moments, he did not notice the officials mobilise throughout the commentary box and he only felt the hostility of the situation for a moment before powerful Tasers put him and his brother out of consciousness entirely.

Next – Part II

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