Super Mario World – The Plight of a Yoshi – Part III of III

Yet I found I was coming back to my senses. I felt warm and I realised a soft breeze was blowing over me and the sound of running water was in the distance. I was not dead…This wasn’t the Valley of Bowser I was in either. I opened my eyes but was blinded by the bright light of day. As I stirred I could hear excited whisperings all around me.

Several Baby Yoshis were surrounding me, giggling away as I struggled to get to my feet. I felt weak and stumbled as I tried to stand up. This stirred the young ones into action and two appeared either side of me to help me up while three more brought forward a platter of delicious fruit. I dove into the food without thought, having eaten nothing but filthy scraps for days. The babies laughed as I wolfed everything down and laughed all the more when I started to feel sick from the overindulgence. I laid back down in complete satisfaction and meant to ask more questions but with a good meal inside me again I felt fatigue take over and I fell into peaceful sleep.

When I woke up again only a couple of Baby Yoshis had remained by my side. “Good morning Mister, I hope you’re feeling better” one chirped. I could hear the sound of the playground in the air, the laughter so rich and full of life. “Our friends have gone to the waterfall to play but we didn’t want to leave you all by yourself. You looked real tired”.

“Yeah you looked awful Mister” the other Yoshi chimed in. “But you sure looked funny eating all that food, I thought you were going to be sick and that made me laugh even more.” He began to giggle again and I began to laugh too, but the sounds around me reminded me sharply of the son I’d left behind, and the horrors of my ordeal returned to my mind, feeling like a dull throb in my head. Where was I? How long had I been here? Had Bowser’s army reached Yoshi’s Island yet?

I began to fire off questions, but realising I was talking to children I had to take a moment to calm down without frightening them. I learned that I was in the Star World, a secret land completely inhabited by Baby Yoshi. They had been there as long as they could remember and playtime was all they knew, but they were never bored and never unhappy. They told me I wasn’t the first creature to appear out of nowhere recently, and that strange creatures wearing shells had also found their way in. They usually played tricks on them but felt bad for it seeing how lost they all were, but with me they thought I looked like I needed some real help and so they took me to their home to rest. They also recognised I was like them but bigger and asked if I was a Yoshi too. I explained to them that we were both Yoshi but they were children and I was grown up. However more serious matters began to weigh on my mind.

They didn’t know how long I’d been there because they didn’t have any reason to measure time here. They guessed maybe four or five suns had appeared since I’d arrived but they also didn’t count very well. I asked them how I might get out of the Star World and they pointed out five giant stars on the horizon that lay at the corners of this world. They connected this place with the outside world as it was at these places they found all their visitors, including me. I rejoiced but they seemed sad. “You’re leaving already?!” I Apologised but I said my friends were in trouble and that these creatures that had started appearing belonged to an evil army who threatened to hurt them. They couldn’t understand however. So I made a promise to return when I could to thank them properly. This they seemed to respond to better though reluctantly and handing me some more fruit for my journey they waved goodbye.

I feared I’d been in this magical place for too long, and part of me did not want to leave, knowing that only hard times lay in wait for me outside of this paradise. But as long as the Yoshi’s were safe and sound all hope was not lost. This Star World was our way of stopping the Koopa Army as well as saving my son. If I wound up here, that meant there was an entrance to the Valley of Bowser that even the Koopa King and his army did not know about. With a determined spring in my step I ventured forth for the nearest exit.

The Donut Plains lay before me once more. I had travelled through what seemed a realm of pure light only to have been transported to the world I called home. I could see Yoshi’s Island not too far away. It was a comfort to see my home once more but I also saw much to disturb me. Small fortresses had been erected across the land; Bowser’s seeds had been planted far and wide. Without losing any more time I made my way home, hoping that my island had been spared.

But as I entered my village my worst fears were realised.

There were no Yoshis here, only the remnants of them. Only the signs of terror and disorder remained, and the mark of Bowser heavily pressed upon the earth. I felt then that all the wind had been kicked out of me, that I had been punched hard in the stomach and now wanted to curl into a ball with the pain. Imprisoned, scattered, or fled? All I knew was the Yoshi were gone; I was on my own absolutely. Anger took over as I thought of all the faces that once lived peacefully here, who had thought like the Baby Yoshis that they would live in peace forever. But this wasn’t a secret world, this was a real one, where Yoshi can be hurt and beaten and killed.

I know I cannot give into this feeling of despair for the sake of my son and my people and so I leave this account at my home in the desire that someone might help us expel this evil from this land. As for me, I leave now to god knows where, a failure, alone and utterly beaten.

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