Super Mario World – The Plight of a Yoshi – Part II of III

I knew I had to escape somehow without being spotted. I was far too weak to face anyone head on and his troops had covered a lot of ground in the area. Even if I did manage to make it back to the surface my boat would probably have been taken away and the bay closely watched for any other wandering Yoshis. Therefore there had to be some way out of here other than the way I came. I knew I had to return home as quickly as possible but my chances were looking slim. Even then I’d have to leave without my son, could I let that happen?

I wandered in the shadows of this terrible valley for hours, trying to find an opening in the watch, but with no luck. Frustrated and weak I had to find shelter by the nearest cliff side to recover before I could attempt anything more. Only when I reached my cover a surprise laid in wait for me.

Hidden between the rocks beside the cliff face, the body of a Yoshi lay broken and mangled in a pile of rubble. It took all my strength not to cry out loud in shock but I did turn away in and let hysterics take over for a moment. The awful reality of my mortality had kicked in and I had to fight down the urge to break down entirely. Somewhat calmer I reluctantly turned back to the body for a closer inspection. It had been there a while now, long before the Koopa army had made this place their home. It looked as if it had fallen off the very cliff top itself. Poor thing, at least death would have been instant on such a fall. But how did a Yoshi get down here of all places?

I remembered from my youth a group of Yoshi’s had gone exploring the Donut Plains and, after taking a mysterious pipeline, had returned home to announce that one of their party had gone missing whilst down there. The Donut Plains had from then on been decreed far too dangerous for Yoshi kind and the lost soul was never seen again. That is, I believed, until now. Now this Yoshi was my beacon of hope, a sign that an exit the Koopa’s had yet found was available to me. All I had to do was climb the cliff face.

I weighed up the odds. In my state it seemed unlikely I’d make it to the top. However likewise to follow the path of Bowser’s army would put me in the direct firing line of danger and would never allow me to reach home in time to warn my people. I had to try. Fearing death was looking for me I began my ascent.

The climb was hard and once or twice I felt as if I was being watched. The harshness of the past few days was weighing heavily on my mind and a number of times I just wanted to fall to the sweet embrace of death. Fortunately, for my son and the safety of my people, my strength held me long enough and my tongue managed to snag a rock at the cliff top, acting as an anchor to pull myself to safety. Amazed at my efforts, I nonetheless collapsed at the top and stared into the dark roof of the valley. A small flicker of hope set me alight, this darkness would no longer be my tomb, and two pipes lay far into the distance, revealing my ticket to freedom.

Yet as close as these pipes were, I realised that the sound of footsteps was closer. With dread I used what little energy I could muster to pick my head up. Sure enough the Koopalings had found me. My escape route was too open and they arrived here first. Or maybe they already knew of this place and I’d allowed naivety to get the better of me. I don’t care anymore. They’ve defeated me and I have not the energy to cry out for help. There’s nobody around to hear me.

The leader Larry kicks me over to face him. He laughs at my pathetic state. “The Yoshi’s cannot stop us” he laughed. Ordering one of the bigger ones, Morton I think, to pick me up they all took one last triumphant glance at me. “You’ll never save anyone now. See you later!” As laughter filled my ears Morton cast me off the side of the cliff. The rush took overcame my senses and I released my fear as I spent my last few moments of life remembering the son I could not save…

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