Super Mario World – The Plight of a Yoshi – Part I of III

I write this now to decree that I am the only Yoshi left in Dinosaur Land. The Koopa army is strong, and what’s worse is they’ve turned our once peaceful home against us. God curse the day that airship crash landed in our bay. We should have been more careful, should have thought to cast it out entirely. My poor peace loving companions thought it unnecessary and I both pity and curse the fate that has met them. As for me, I have failed to save my son from the clutches of this evil army; I have failed to warn my kin of the threat that lay in waiting. I am a failure to myself and my people.

I cannot give up entirely, I must cling to the foolish hope my fellow Yoshis had even when they were being imprisoned. I must believe that somehow we will be saved one day. Thus I leave here my log in the hope that someone may find my writing and put a stop to the Koopa King. My account needs to be made, so all can now the ruthlessness of these terrible creatures.

It began the day a mysterious airship crashed landed in the bay back in late 1988. We didn’t know what that thing was and it had been decided to let this accident be, nobody had been harmed. But I couldn’t shake my feeling of dread and, once negotiating a search squad was no longer an option, I set out in a boat to check the wreckage for survivors. Little had I known my son had stowed away on that boat with me. The kid sure has a brave heart but he was far too young for the dangers that may have waiting on that ship. He just wanted to help his dad out… I let him down.

The ship had seemed deserted but as we were leaving my son cried out and disappeared under the water’s surface. I tried to swim to save him but we Yoshi’s aren’t the most adept swimmers. However it wasn’t the water that had taken him and suddenly, rising from the wreckage, was the creature I would later learn to be the Koopa King Bowser, alongside his seven generals the Koopalings. My son was trapped in the arms of the blue haired one and they were all laughing. The king decreed he was to take this land for himself, but he was not ready to begin his crusade. Knowing for sure he couldn’t let us return to warn the tribe they attacked me and soon we were both imprisoned.

The creatures are quite resourceful. So soon after the crash they had found a cavern beneath the water and began construction of a castle in the name of Bowser with several smaller fortresses besides. My son and I were locked away separately in that castle where they began experiments on me; apparently they had never encountered a Yoshi before. At the time I wasn’t sure what they were looking for, I could only hope my son wasn’t being subjected to similar gruelling experiments. I had to escape, find my son, and warn the tribe before war swept them away. It was my duty; otherwise they would remain blissfully unaware until it was too late.

When my chance came, I knocked out the Koopa guards (their shells can certainly hinder them as much as protect them) and raced frantically around the castle in search of my boy. But Bowser was one step ahead… always one step ahead. He and his Koopalings had been waiting for this moment. They had my son caged up in the throne room, under constant surveillance from the king himself. Laughing, the leader of the Koopalings asked if I wanted to see the fruits of the experiments they had done on me. Before I could stop them they blasted my son with a strange contraption and an egg completely encased him. We Yoshi’s can normally break free of our eggs but not this time, this egg was different, I knew from the muffled cries inside my son wasn’t about the break free of this new prison.

Hope draining from me fast, I had a choice. Either escape now and abandon my son for another day, or fight Bowser and his strongest henchman to save him and meet certain destruction in the process. I couldn’t leave my son, but I couldn’t save him either. Scared and alone for a moment I couldn’t do anything at all.

In the end I didn’t have to make a decision, at that moment the castle was attacked. It seemed some Reznors had found the valley also and had decided to take it back by force. In the confusion, the blue haired Koopaling Larry snatched my son away as the troupe flew to their battle stations. I tried to follow but a fireball blasted through the throne room and the debris knocked me flying from the castle, knocking me out of consciousness completely.

When I’d come to, my son was gone and I was alone in this Valley of Bowser.

Next – Part II

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