EarthBound Beginnings – Letter of Invitation – Part III of III

Lucas slowly came to though for a while he wasn’t sure if Ness’ attack had made the whole world cave in around him. Gradually his surroundings began to take shape and he found himself laid inside a great crater. It was night time, or at least he thought. The sky above was so thick with darkness that it seemed as if the whole world had been swallowed by something otherworldly. He struggled to his feet and tried to ascertain if he was alone. Ninten was standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the pit below him.

“Remarkable place don’t you think Lucas. This site hasn’t felt the presence of humans for a long time, once a home for extra-terrestrial life and so tainted forever more.” He turned to face Lucas whose grogginess had finally subsided. “Welcome to Mt. Itoi, the place of my final battle years ago. You have the privilege Lucas, of witnessing a rebirth, a change of fate. For no longer will this be my end but the end of another.” Lucas cast a PSI shield and prepared to engage in combat. But Ninten laughed at his efforts.

“You have the wrong idea Lucas; you’re not the person I’m here to fight”. Ninten surged forward and in an instant Lucas’ shield shattered and a painful constrict was placed upon him. Ninten’s PSI had become something unreal, and as Lucas felt the pain surge through his body Ninten began to lift him off the ground with his abilities and slowly levitated him over the edge of the cliff. There Lucas was left suspended as Ninten smiled maliciously at his manipulation.

A soft thud was heard in the distance. “He’s finally come to save you, let’s help him find us.” The telekinetic constrict upon Lucas became tighter and the boy could not help but cry out in agony. He tried to break free but his body simply wouldn’t listen; he was helpless.

Suddenly a huge explosion shattered one of the walls of the pit and Ness appeared through the dust and debris. “Ninten stop, leave him alone!” He stood with his baseball bat at the ready and the courage he would display in all of the Smash matches. But when he saw Lucas being suspended over the cliff edge for a moment he was overcome with the stakes laid before him. Without the safety net of the Smash regulations he wasn’t so sure about this.

“What do you want with Lucas? He’s done nothing to you!” he shouted across the crater.

“Don’t be naïve Ness, you know precisely what this is really all about!” Ninten, without hesitation, launched himself at the other boy, his PSI powers giving him the momentum of a cannonball. Ness rolled to the side and swung his baseball bat just in time, striking the side of Ninten and sending him hurtling off course. But Ninten was prepared and righting himself, threw his boomerang, striking Ness square in the stomach. A little winded Ness prepared for another attack, firing off his PK Flash into the sky. Ninten had already launched another ferocious assault but was caught in the light of Ness’ attack. The PK Flash burst but Ninten fired off his shield just in time to come out unscathed. But Ness launched in with his bat and the first serious hit was struck, with Ninten crashing across the ground.

This sudden strike loosened the PSI grip on Lucas and he began to hurtle towards the infinite darkness below. But Ninten, quickly regaining his senses, placed his hold back on him before Lucas went out of sight. Ness had already prepared to rescue his friend but was astonished to see Ninten do it for him. “What are you playing at Ninten let him go!”

“Don’t you see how this works Ness? It’s either your life or his! You strike me down and Lucas falls to his death and believe me you won’t be able to get close enough to him to change that.” Ness’ bravado crushed he decided a fight wasn’t the way to deal with this.

“Ninten I’m sorry they chose me over you but whatever your problem is, please, Lucas doesn’t have anything to do with it.”

“Lucas got involved when he decided he didn’t need to represent our series. He got the chance and he turned it down. I never got that chance, it’s my series and I was overlooked over you! Neither of you deserve your luck” Ninten was entirely enraged and the same devastating PK Beam he unleashed on Lucas was sent directly in Ness’ direction. “I’m the strongest out of all of us!” The range of the attack was great and Ness was knocked entirely off balance by its fury. His fall was great and, landing on his head he was knocked out cold. The battle was over.

“See how much more I deserve this! Your invitation is now mine! Ness may appear on the title screen but it shall be Ninten who finally takes part.” He prepared one final attack, charging up for a killing blow to end Ness’ life. “Goodbye my former friend!” he cried. But the PP required to unleash the blow had loosed the hold over Lucas and, prepared this time the other boy had used his own PSI to land safely on the cliff edge. Seeing he had one opportunity to save Ness, and despite the incredible pain Ninten’s assault had put upon him, he launched himself into the fray.

Ninten fired his attack, its trajectory on the mark. Lucas propelled himself forward with PK Thunder and landed directly in the beams path. With a final effort he cast a spell he learnt in the many weeks spent chatting with Ninten. The 4th Dimension Slip took Ness to safety. The beam struck Lucas from behind and the startling warmth took his life instantly.

The next day Lucas’ invitation to the Smash arrived in the post, never to be returned. With Ness’ whereabouts unknown Ninten finally took up the gauntlet in Super Smash Bros. though under the guise that he was Ness. But the Mother series was greatly damaged by the disappearance of two of its protagonists. Not that Ninten minded, for all he wanted was the attention he felt he deserved. However unbeknownst to his peers in the Smash, he bided his time before he again would have to fight for this attention, and he was getting stronger still day by day. Fame was now his, he would stop at nothing to keep it that way.

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