EarthBound Beginnings – Letter of Invitation – Part I of III

The day is 11th June 2011, a normal old Tuesday for Lucas as he sat peacefully in his living room in Tazmily Village. It had been over 5 years since his first adventure began and after participating in the Brawl he was ready to stay at home and live the quiet life. The spotlight didn’t agree with him completely and he recognised that Ness was far better at being in the public eye for the series anyway. Indeed Lucas was entirely satisfied to begin his days as a retired video game veteran, away from all the excitement. Only today things would cease to remain as he had liked. Today his world would change forever, or at least what world he had left to experience. For today of all days his phone began to ring, the unfamiliar chime taking a moment to break his content reverie.

“Lucas have you heard the news!” Ness was all excitement. “Sakurai has finally begun the next Super Smash Bros. and I tell you now it’s going to be a big one. Everyone is excited about getting their chance to return. I hear the usual crowd are already involved, you know Mario, Pikachu and the other perfect attenders. I can’t wait! Got to keep the line free though buddy I’m awaiting my call any minute”, and as spiritedly as he had burst back into Lucas’ life he hung up the phone. Lucas mumbled a hello down the phone and placed it back on the hook.

Could he face the Smash battles again? The last outing had been rough and truthfully without Ness’ support he wouldn’t have enjoyed much of it anyway. He believed Sakurai knew his feelings on the matter, perhaps the phone call would not come this time. Would that be okay? Should he be doing more for his series? He locked up his home and decided a walk would ease his now troubled mind. But poor Lucas should have stayed home this particular day, if only he had done. Sadly even that wouldn’t have saved him, for this tragedy has been years in the making.

Out on the cliffs Lucas stared out to sea and thought back on the adventures he had had in the last couple of years. He was so deep in thought however that he did not notice another boy approach him, stand next to him and join him in silent contemplation. When Lucas eventually noticed him he almost fell off the cliff in surprise. For this was no ordinary kid beside him. This was Ninten the original hero of his series.

Lucas had not met Ninten before and all he knew about this other child was that he had once been close friends with Ness. That had been years ago before the Smash celebrations began, then a schism had certainly separated the two. Lucas remembered finding a sticker featuring the boy during the Subspace Emissary adventure; Ness had refused to acknowledge it and, unnerved by this response, Lucas had kept it ever since.

“This is a peaceful village you live in Lucas.” He turned and smiled but Lucas could not help but notice the lack of warmth in his eyes. “I wanted to meet you Lucas, to see who you really were. Would you really turn down a chance to help your series out?” Lucas was seized by the sudden question and Ninten, considering his objective complete, turned and began to walk back towards the village. “I look forward to seeing you again soon Lucas, perhaps we can talk more then.” In a flash he began to run at unbelievable speed before teleporting completely out of sight. A great sense of dread began to fill Lucas’ heart as he stared at the spot the boy had been but a moment ago.

The next day Ness called again. “I’ve got my invitation; I’m going back to the Smash!”

Next – Part II

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