BWU: The Best New Tracks in Mario Kart 8

Nearly 9 months since its release, Mario Kart 8 is still a frequent flyer on our Wii U consoles. The game is the reason I got a Wii U in the first place. I played the demo in Smyths Toys Store and Toad’s Harbour crashed halfway through the race. Half a race was enough to know I needed this game. The new tracks in every Mario Kart title are a huge draw however which ones are a cut above the rest.

Best #1 – Electrodome


One of the important things to note with Electrodome is that it takes time to really appreciate this track. The first few times we raced through this one I didn’t think much to it, I suppose I expected something out of this world from the anti-gravity segments and at first it seemed disappointing that it just felt largely like normal racing with a few extra boosting opportunities. But over time the track blossoms into something to really love. The infectious music is supported by segments where your kart acts as a cross fader, changing the feel of the tracks as your traverse the more narrow treacherous sections. Then where the track splits in two and your rivals are racing above you, everyone joins together once more with a wonderful corner where you descend down steps which throw beats out before turning into hang glider mode with the utmost satisfaction. These ascetics benefit the track layout helping to transition us from the wide road to the hectic narrow sections. And most of the track is in anti-gravity which means that crashing into your fellow racers (especially during the split section) can cause so much juicy mayhem benefitting from chucking your rival into the walls. This is all finished off by the charming widescreen near the beginning showing Koopa Troopas and Shy Guys clubbing to the banging music. It’s a real charming addition to an already brilliant track and shows that even the Mushroom Kingdom knows how to have a good time.

Best #2 – Cloudtop Cruise

Cloudtop Cruise

Cloudtop Cruise is an amazing track through and through. From the majesty of the clouds to the rage of the storm it’s a track that takes you through emotions as well as tricky corners. What begins as an ordinary race in the clouds undergoes dramatic changes as you navigate the tight spaces of Bowser’s flagship before being fired into a storm cloud and forced to dodge lightning strikes that make riding speeds pad a gambling game. Of course the keen eye can see that there is a forewarning before lightning strikes the pads but often you can forget in the heat of the race and suffer for your lack of attention. Yes it is a track that challenges as well as entertains in which to get caught up in the glory can cost a racer dearly. This hits home all the more when on the final segment a tempting vine invites racers to cut the final corner out which if taken without proper preparation can ruin a players race entirely. All this action is held together by an absolutely gorgeous orchestral score which changes with the moods of the skies. Every time I come out of the storm and hear the Gusty Galaxy music welcoming me back to clearer skies I can’t help but rejoice in the grace of the moment. Cloudtop Cruise easily takes my best Mario Kart 8 new track spot, it’s just so beautiful.

That’s it for the best Mario Kart 8 new tracks. Check in soon for the worst new tracks the game has to offer. In the meantime check out how Mario Kart can affect our lives in a positive here.

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