Metroid – Weapon of the Chozo – Part III of III

Samus Mission Log #12 – Escape from Ridley’s Lair

The monsters have been relentless, perhaps more so than when I first entered Ridley’s lair. I feel more and more distracted as I traverse these caverns. A grim foreboding lingers in my mind and for the first time ever I fear I may not be coming back from this mission. Yet I feel stronger than ever before, these creatures are falling with ease before my upgraded suit despite their vicious nature. Tourian lies in the highest reaches of Brinstar, although I feel there is something else calling me to elsewhere in that place. I may have to make a detour. The elevator to Norfair is before me and I am glad to leave this place behind forever.

Samus Mission Log #13 – A New Power Suit

Following my instincts I have returned to a previous area of Brinstar to find a higher cavern I was unable to reach before. Within the cavern another Chozo lays waiting for me. I pay my respects to the poor departed soul and reach out for the orb resting in its hands. It breaks and I am grabbed by a strange mechanical substance. Within an instance my Power suit has transformed and the Varia suit has taken its place. This suit feels phenomenal. I feel lighter, sturdier and more flexible, stronger than I’ve ever felt before. The Chozo have been my greatest comfort on this planet and they help remind me of the humanity still in the galaxy outside this condemned place.

Samus Mission Log #14 – Entrance to Tourian

I have reached the entrance to Tourian in better time than I could have imagined. The final challenge is ahead and I am elated. I recognise that whatever I face inside this forgotten laboratory will be stronger than anything that I have faced before me, but I relish the thought. With the upgrades of the Chozo I am the most powerful being on this planet. I activate the statues of Kraid and Ridley and a passageway opens for my Morph Ball to travel along. But before I enter Tourian I blast Ridley’s statue and am satisfied as I watch his head crumble to the floor. Nothing can stop me from my purpose now.

Samus Mission Log #15 – Metroids

These creatures are impervious to my weapons. They latch onto my body and drain all my energy and I am only able to break away from them with great difficulty. I can understand the need to stop them from multiplying. Curse them, after all my upgrades there must be a way to stop them. I fire my Ice Beam at them and they freeze on the spot. My opportunity comes and I blast them with my missiles until finally they are no more. Though upon defeat I feel that surge of power rush through me again. Despite draining my life force I felt the Metroid attack allowed me to regain a part of myself. I fear something is wrong, my senses are again sharper than ever before, the urge to destroy has returned and the conscious part of me that finds this unnatural is being suppressed. More enemies approach, I cannot falter now…

Samus Mission Log #16 – Showdown with Mother Brain

I find myself firing missiles mercilessly at Mother Brain, now exposed to the elements after her casing has been smashed through. Where had I gone? Something took over me again and I awake to find a crumbling laboratory around me as Mother Brain wheezes in agony. A powerful beam is fired at me and my moment of hesitation has prevented me from dodging. Finding no pain inflicted upon me I suddenly see visions in my mind. The Chozo are attacked by Space Pirates, the slaughter of my people is before my eyes. But there are survivors… Using their abilities that have created the very upgrades I have found along my journey, but there is something more to them. A dark energy is being infused with them and one by one the Chozo willingly rot their bodies to imbue these items with their power. The term weapon is passed around followed by revenge and conquest. This strange trance suddenly ends and I awake to see Mother Brain explode at the ferocity of my attacks, a shrill laughter filling the cavern at her destruction. My mission is complete.

Samus Mission Log #17 – A Desperate Escape

Alas I do not have long to process these strange visions. A self-destruct sequence has been initiated. Suddenly I feel myself being torn apart from within. The Chozo are angry, Mother Brain has usurped their revenge. In agony I make for the exit from this accursed place. Climbing the escape shaft I begin to falter against the fury of those now joined to me. A great power takes over me and suddenly I find myself travelling upwards without effort, a strange force carrying me to safety. But I do not feel safe. The exit is just before me and the countdown is almost over. My mission may have been a success, but I fear for the safety of the Galaxy anew. Perhaps someone may discover the true secrets of the Chozo someday, but I am afraid that is no longer in my power. With a last effort of willpower I initiate shut down of my Power suit and tumble into the fiery abyss.

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