Metroid – Weapon of the Chozo – Part II of III

Samus Mission Log #7 – A Boss Defeated

Kraid has been defeated. His body lays cold at my feet and I feel calmer than I have since I arrived on this planet. I do not have much to dwell on here. The battle was brutal and myself merciless. I must leave this chamber it brings me great discomfort.

Samus Mission Log #8 – Retrieval of my Senses

I have returned to the higher levels of Brinstar and somehow the air is cleaner here. Since my battle with Kraid I have felt almost subdued. My return here has allowed my consciousness to return as if it had been suppressed in the lair below. I am Samus Aran, bounty hunter hired by the Galactic Federation, and I am a strong warrior un-phased by even the harshest of environments. This weakness is ridiculous. I have been affected by the state of the Chozo but no longer will I allow that to influence my actions here. Acting on rage will only lead to my own destruction. Next up is Ridley and I no longer feel the urge to destroy taking control, rather my job here on Planet Zebes takes up total precedence in my mind.

Samus Mission Log #9 – Travelling through Norfair

I have travelled the depths of Norfair and along my way discovered the Ice Beam, high-jump boots and Screw Attack power-ups from more of my decimated protectors. I have paid my respects to all along the way and thank them for somehow predicting I would arrive here today for this mission. The depths of Norfair have been treacherous and I have only narrowly avoided burning up in the lava beneath. The heat has been desperate but the sheer number of monsters attempting to stop my progress has almost overwhelmed me. Thankfully the power-ups I have found have made me feel stronger than ever and my progress gradually improves with each upgrade. Ridley’s lair finally lies before me; I imagine what I shall find below to be just as difficult as what I have faced before. I know this monster, he is powerful in himself but he would not lie unprotected. The elevator takes me to my next challenge.

Samus Mission Log #10 – Preparation for a Showdown

The onslaught has been ferocious and I am terribly weakened. That foul beast wished to face me weakened but still I shall not falter. This coward, who destroyed my people, has blasted me with a wall of monster but I will face him head on and fearlessly. This rage is building inside me again. The Chozo were such an esteemed race, full of promise and good tidings for the universe, and they have been reduced to rubble by this scum of a pirate. I might have found friends while I travelled on this mission, but instead I have only met with death. I resolve to face Ridley head on, the importance of my duty spurning me on to battle.

Samus Mission Log #11 – Ridley Killed?!

The duel was brutal. My body feels shattered. Ridley lies a few yards away from me. I have torn him in two. I do not remember how this came to be. I blacked out. Now I am awake again my body lies in agony as my opponent lies dead before me. What kind of weapon have I become… Now that I am alone from all these monsters I wonder what is happening to me here. Something has begun to take over my body, my mind, my soul. For the first time in years I feel fear settling in. Only the Mother Brain remains alive. I must destroy her and complete this mission. But in doing so what will happen to me?

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