Metroid – Weapon of the Chozo – Part I of III

Samus Mission Log #1 – Arrival on Planet Zebes

My arrival here has not been without a heavy heart. My friends the Chozo are nowhere to be seen, desperate abandon has replaced their once happy homes. The Space Pirates certainly have done a number on this place. I have already engaged in combat, what life is left here is all hostile. My resolve is strong, there is little need for emotion here; the new inhabitants on my former home certainly have none. The Mother Brain is in Tourian to the north of my location. I shall begin my mission there…

Samus Mission Log #2 – Tourian Entrance Locked

The Space Pirates have done their work thoroughly. The entrance is locked and it appears some grotesque statues of the Generals are my key to unlocking the entryway. My nemesis Ridley looms over me here, imposing his power over this land. His laughter echoes through my head but I do not quiver in his presence. Our battle has been destined for a long time coming. My initial instincts are confirmed, it seems I have some vermin to defeat before I can reach my final target.

Samus Mission Log #3 – My friends…

I should never have left my home to face this fate alone. The Chozo… what have they done to you? What looked like a statue is something else… Such intellect and promise and they’ve reduced you to rubble. This place seems a safe haven for the moment. I shall need some time to understand this…

Samus Mission Log #4 – The Extinction of my People

I have stayed here long enough. Something has been done to the former inhabitants of this planet that cannot be undone. I only hope some escaped the planet and avoided this fate. And yet I seemed not to have noticed before, an orb is resting in the arms of this statue. I investigate the orb and it opens to reveal an upgrade for my power beam. I attach the package to find my beam now extends as far as the eye can see. Even in death the Chozo are here to assist me and my gratitude is eternal. Fossilised in time, it seems some remained behind to help me defeat the Mother Brain. If only I had arrived sooner. Paying my respects, I leave this now sacred place. My enemies shall have no mercy from me.

Samus Mission Log #5 – Kraid’s Lair

I have remained silent for too long, the dread of this planet begins to weigh heavily on my mind. I must not forget this log, it reminds me of my purpose, reminds me I have a purpose beyond this treacherous place. I have finished my search of Brinstar and have attained missiles alongside a Morph Ball upgrade with bombs to utilise whilst engaging in this form. I have come across more fossilised Chozo, more pained expressions; many have had their dignity stripped away in their last moments… The entrance to Kraid’s lair lies below me. It is typical for a rat to hide beneath the ground.

Samus Mission Log #6 – A Fake Kraid

My journeying has caused an unexpected face-off against the monster Kraid, only the creature has been a fake! My heart is racing. The rage that I succumbed to in the beast’s presence, the violence which I unleashed upon it, I was not sure who had engaged in battle. Was that me Samus the bounty hunter, or was that just another monster of these haunted caverns? I try to steady myself but I’m shaking. The Chozo would not want this from me. I am not a monster like these Pirates. There is little time for this nonsense, peril is still close by. Kraid is running out of places to hide. While my body shakes my head feels clearer. I continue in my search for the Pirate.

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