The Legend of Zelda – The Hyrulian Game – Part I of III

I woke up in the clearing, bruises breaking out over my body where I’d try to thrash myself free from my captors; the all too familiar clearing signalling the beginning of the end for myself and so many kids before me.

I made my way over to the little cave before me dragging the shield that was now fastened to my arm and feeling the chill of the crisp morning air due to the thin green tunic I had been changed into. I was now the star of this show; no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t stop crying. I found I was not alone however when a benevolent old man appeared, his voice booming around the little caves walls, “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this”. He presented me with a wooden sword that he laid a few feet in front of me .He appeared so kind, so generous I couldn’t believe the game makers would allow this. I stumbled towards him, desperate for help from my dire situation, but all of a sudden a strong wind blew all the light in the cave out and the man disappeared without a trace. The darkness was oppressive, as if I was being forced to head back into the clearing. I grabbed the little sword and headed out into the over world.

I should have known better to think there’d be anyone here who could help me. I’ve seen the show on television, a kid has tried to get one of the cave dwellers to help them but each and every one is as helpless as me. Imprisoned here for some crime against the Hyrulian state, they now act as pawns in the game I am to play, the game designed to punish my ancestors for the rebellion nearly a century ago. I’m only a little kid though, why is this happening to me?

It was some time before I found the strength to move on from that clearing. I knew if I stayed here too long something would come along to move me but I was too frightened. Only a short way away the first of many battles would begin. Perhaps they’ll let me sleep here a night though… Exhausted from my woes I fell into an uneasy sleep.

I awoke feeling sick and ill rested. No it hadn’t been a dream I was really the new Link in The Legend of Zelda, Hyrule’s most beloved reality program. However before I could overcome my nausea a small rock whizzed past my head and shattered on the cliff side behind me. A troop of Octoroks had been sent to get the game started. Another was fired towards me, passing into my shin and sending me crashing to the ground with a loud exclamation of pain. The creatures appeared in full advancing towards me, rocks forming out of their mouths ready to break my body on direct contact. In terror I tried to flee.

However a second troop of the creatures lay in wait for me ahead, firing more rocks one of which clipped my ear, sending a huge wave a pain through my head. Luckily I managed to dive right into a nearby cave and for the moment felt safe from harm.

The cave lit up just like the one before and a large man stood a few metres away from, a display of interesting wares before him. “Buy somethin’ will ya” he said. Only he saw the blood pouring out of my mangled ear and, fearing I was done for already, ran towards me to check if I was alright. “Hyrulian bastards!” he cursed. I suddenly thought maybe I’m not as alone here as I thought. My naivety got the better of me once again… A chain was heard in the distance and just as the man knelt down beside me to check if I was okay he was yanked viciously across the ground and dragged into the darkness. His swearing and cursing turned into screams of terror, met with a loud thud that meant H all went quiet.

Sat in the dim light of this horrible cave, I cried anew as the terror of my reality began to take me over completely.

Next – Part II

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