BWU: The Unique Final Fantasy Cameo in Kingdom Hearts

So after covering the best and the worst cameos it may seem pretty obvious who will be taking the most unique spot. However there’s perhaps more to this character’s appearance than first meets the eye.

Unique: Auron (Final Fantasy X)

AuronOnce we arrived back at Olympus Coliseum in Kingdom Hearts II, we found Hades back up with his old obsession of trying to kill Hercules; however this time he’s been given the idea to send someone who’s already dead. Thus Auron is hired for the task only to refuse and send Hades into a rage. This leads him to become Sora’s party member for the underworld, giving all Final Fantasy fans something to be excited about. In fact the character becomes the main plot point in the second visit to the world, his free will being trapped by Hades, Sora and friends set out to save him from the God’s evil clutches. Auron’s inclusion into Kingdom Hearts II was very welcome, bringing the Final Fantasy series that little bit closer to the entire Kingdom Hearts universe. However there’s something about him appearing in the underworld that merits investigation. When Cloud appeared alongside the Hercules cast in Kingdom Hearts it was explained that his actual home world was Hollow Bastion just like Leon, Yuffie and Aerith. However there’s no such explanation with Auron leaving to several assumptions on the matter. One that simply when one dies in this universe their soul is sent to the underworld. And yet in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep we are introduced to Zack, the mercenary from Final Fantasy VII who is Hercules’ rival in the race to attain Philoctetes as a mentor. This character’s home is not explained either and thus we can assume that two, his home world is in fact the Olympus Coliseum. So could this mean that this is Auron’s home world too? Perhaps considering nobody seems to find it strange these characters are knocking about their world. Then again the fact that so many of the Final Fantasy characters appear in this world in some form or another would suggest that the Olympus Coliseum has a closer connection to world skipping than any other. It’s almost as if these characters have a direct connection with this world in particular and perhaps have found a connection somewhat akin to Twilight Town and the Mysterious Tower in Kingdom Hearts II. There are many paths between the worlds and perhaps many more connections than the series has thus far divulged. Or perhaps Square-Enix just like these Final Fantasy cameos to not happen without too much explanation as to why and how. Maybe we meant to extend our believe enough to accept they are hanging around in ancient Greece and leave it at that. Either way Auron’s appearance as a fully-fledged party member was an awesome addition to Kingdom Hearts II and allowed him to fulfil a capacity that none of the other cameo characters had done before or since. Here’s hoping now that Kingdom Hearts III goes a step further and finally includes the Final Fantasy world we’ve been waiting for.

Zack and Ventus
Totally nonchalant hanging out in Ancient Greece…

And there we have it, the Best, Worst and Unique Final Fantasy cameos in the Kingdom Hearts series. Thanks for reading!

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