BWU: The Worst Final Fantasy Cameos in Kingdom Hearts

After the big appearances of Final Fantasy legends Cloud, Squall, Aerith and Yuffie, the Kingdom Hearts series decided to branch out with which characters would cameo in the upcoming sequel. While some like Seifer and his gang were a fun addition, unfortunately not everybody added in the sequel were quite so interesting to see crop up. So here we go into the worst Final Fantasy cameos…

Worst #1: Setzer (Final Fantasy VI)

SetzerTwilight Town became home to quite a few new Final Fantasy characters from a range of different games, particularly ones that Tetsuya Nomura did not design himself. These characters all eventually appear one by one in the Struggle tournament with Setzer revealing himself as the champion. The issue is here that when faced up against Roxas he attempts to bribe him to throw the fight so he can remain the town’s champion. Of course Roxas refuses and we get to fight the guy but not as a Final Fantasy protagonist but as a villain with more in common to the Disney baddies then any of the other Final Fantasy characters. The journal even records him with a villain square just so we all know he’s not really that nice a guy. Perhaps this is supposed to be a Setzer before he joins Terra and company on their journey but it’s a shame that he comes out so negatively in this universe. Ultimately I doubt he’ll be given a chance to redeem himself but as the tech demo for Kingdom Hearts III shows off Twilight Town there is a small chance he’ll come back and do something to salvage his tarnished name.

Worst #2: Yuna, Rikku and Paine (Final Fantasy X-2)


Then there’s the Gullwings, and like Setzer they’re allegiances are a little off in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Portrayed as little fairy-like creatures, the three treasure hunters side with Maleficent to begin with but after her departure from Hollow Bastion they quickly change sides. However it’s hard to remember what they actually do in the overall plot. They largely act as distractions to an otherwise plot heavy world which isn’t so bad in itself only there’s very little explanation as to what they were doing for Maleficent in the first place. The three just come across as silly, indulging further into their Final Fantasy X-2 selves than anything else. But ultimately we have to accept the fact that due to this setup Tidus and Yuna will probably never meet in this universe, not unless some world skipping gets done in the next instalment. The Gullwings are a little fun I guess but it’s easy to find them annoying and really we just want to get to the castle and speak to Leon, so please move aside fairies. Of course this was never originally the plan for the three girls as Rikku was once planned to be Leon’s close friend in the original Kingdom Hearts until the similarity of her name with Sora’s friend Riku meant she was ultimately replaced with Yuffie.

That’s all for now, next time we’ll see who stands as the most unique Final Fantasy cameo in all of Kingdom Hearts…

4 thoughts on “BWU: The Worst Final Fantasy Cameos in Kingdom Hearts

  1. I hadn’t played Final Fantasy VI yet when I first played Kingdom Hearts II. Now I’m super bummed Setzer was a villainous sort of character. That, or maybe just a goofball. I mean, his plan in the original game was to kidnap the actress who Celes replaced, right? That’s not really a sign of a super good guy.

    Tidus was imagined as another kid on the Island of the first game, so I didn’t think he and Yuna would ever find each other. The way the appeared in the game just proves that. Final Fantasy X was so much better than X-2. I’m a little disappointed TIdus and Yuna didn’t appear as they did in X.

    1. Woah I just thought though. With Tidus originally coming from a different world in Final Fantasy X (the world inside Sin) that maybe something similar could happen in Kingdom Hearts and he could wind up out of Destiny Islands! That wouldn’t explain why Wakka is with him though… Sadly I don’t think they’ll be seeing each other in this series either really, you’re right they were conceived differently in the Kingdom Hearts world and I guess that’s how it’ll always be.
      I wish Setzer came across better in Kingdom Hearts II too. Its not really that he’s acting entirely out of character but he doesn’t do anything afterwards to make us think he’s all right. It’s sad considering how big a role he played in Final Fantasy VI!

      1. They could always make the claim the characters are so different because of what happened to their original world. If they put it in the story to restore said world to what it was, maybe they revert to their original Final Fantasy selves….. but I don’t think that will happen. I love Kingdom Hearts, but it is way more about Disney than Final Fantasy.

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