Donkey Kong – Three Decades of Deceit – Part II of III

Luigi, along with the letter and the rest of the post he’d picked up a few moments ago, tumbled to the ground as the front door closed and he knew his brother had returned home. “That seemed pretty intense” he thought to himself as he recovered from the gripping prose of the unknown writer, written on the scrawl of paper included in today’s Parakarry post, (“it couldn’t really be Donkey Kong” he thought).

He collected himself, propped the rest of the letters on the dresser and entered the living room to ask his brother what this strange confession could mean. However he’d forgotten for the moment that Princess Peach was on a visit this evening after a round of golf on Toadstool Tour. As he entered the room the Toads were busy making the room comfortable, lighting a fire and arranging the cushions, as the Princess was chattering away about the day’s competition and the excitements they brought. Mario was as attentive as ever, hanging on every word and being as jovial as ever he is when the Princess is in by his side. Luigi couldn’t help hanging back in the doorway a moment, the suspense of the previous minute quite harshly contrasting with the picture of perfect domesticity before him now. In fact it took for Peach to acknowledge him standing there for him to connect with the change altogether.

“Why hello Luigi, why ever are you standing there gawping? Are you feeling all right? Come over here, Toad has lit a fire that will warm you right up.” Luigi smiled at this and for the moment all his concerns washed away, Peach could do that to you, she was the harbinger of serenity. However when his brother gave him a hearty wave to follow, he instinctively put the letter down on a shelf and decided to wait until this merry evening was through before figuring out why this letter drove a cold front all through his body.

Mario had not noticed his brother’s initial rigidity so Luigi merely passed the moment down to feeling a tad under the weather, and that he was fine really. His brother being the kind soul he is could not sit still until Luigi had some medicine and despite the Princess being the apple of his eye, he bounded across the room to the kitchen to see if he had anything to soothe Luigi’s cold. Despite his protestations Luigi thought it best to let the idea of a cold stay and allowed him to be uplifted by the Princess’ unyielding chirpiness as he and the Toad’s listened to her retell the pits of the Shifting Sands course.

However Luigi did not notice his brother spot an article of rubbish atop the shelf. Nor did he notice him reach up and hold said article in his hands. Nor did anyone notice the unfamiliar expression of fear and exasperation pass through his face as he began to read the offensive piece. He went white as a sheet and did not notice as the revelry behind him had stopped as the Princess asked him for the third time, “Are you okay, Mario?”

He laughed weakly, he confessed that the cold that took his brother had suddenly taken hold of him and he urged the Princess to avoid the same ailments and perhaps reconvene their supper for another occasion. Of course she begged to stay but the Toads, believing it best for her to avoid this altogether powerful affliction, persuaded her it was for the best and with a heart full of concern she left the two brothers with a promise she’ll bring medicine first thing in the morning.

Alone now Luigi felt uncomfortable, more so because he’d never felt this way around his brother before in their entire lives. He couldn’t understand the expressions running across Mario’s face but one thing he thought for sure is that he looked like his world had come to an end. Not that he had long to decipher this, as Mario quickly apologised to his brother and retreated to the sanctuary of his bedroom. However, not before he asked his brother if there was anything remiss between them. The confused look Luigi returned to this seemed to confirm something for him and thus he left his brother’s sight.

Luigi couldn’t sleep well that night; something had come over Mario that shook his peace of mind. “What was written in that letter?” he thought, not that he could find out as Mario had retreated with the thing also. But as he tried to settle down into a restless night sleep, Mario was pulling on his Tanooki suit and swiftly disappearing into the night.

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