Donkey Kong – Three Decades of Deceit – Part I of III

Reports indicate that a large gorilla like creature has taken a Lady hostage and is currently wreaking havoc at a downtown construction site.

The creature is armed and dangerous and many fear the poor woman’s life. Who will save the day?

This just in a hero has emerged. Known only as Jumpman he is clearing through the stages of the site without batting an eye. Go Jumpman!

The gorilla has been stopped. We are all safe from the beasts’ terrifying rampage. Thank you Jumpman! You’ve saved us!

Do you see how they talked about me? These newspapers, news reports… Wreaking havoc and… and… terrifying rampage. I’m not terrifying! I mean I know the big gorilla look may be intimidating at times but really I never meant to hurt anyone. They all just judged me before they even considered why I was out there throwing barrels. Did anyone even bother to take a look at me, a good hard look? I was the terrified one. I wanted everything to be okay. Pauline said that it would be but… we all know the rest of this story.

Jumpman! It’s a-me, Mario, showboating his way through the crowds jumping up and down for the camera; the hero of the hour and his amazing jumping skills. “Did you see his skills with those hammers too, he’s mighty strong, and Mario you’re perfection…” Didn’t look at me either though. What kind of hero only sees at surface level, couldn’t the great Mario have looked a little closer? The people’s hero maybe but not mine, I have no hero. There’s nobody out there looking after me…

I suppose I should get to my point, as to why I’m committing this to paper. Maybe not in my lifetime but if I don’t record this now I shan’t ever be able to redeem my name that you’ve all so joyously dragged through the mud. I am not the villain of this tale. The villains aren’t in the most likely, hairy suspects, but disguised as one of the many. There’s one member of this story who hasn’t shown their true colours, who’s walked away without paying for the crimes they’ve committed. I implore you now do not blackguard me. I am King Kong’s brother, his man at arms, I have been used and abused and wrongfully condemned and my fall has been just as hard. Pity me for I have suffered.

Thus I begin my tale with a heavy heart because for many a while now I have kept it secret not for my sake but for hers. For all her devilry I cannot hate her entirely. Do I love her still? I feel as if it is all I can do now… love where love is never to be returned. And yet however she played my feelings for her that doesn’t make them any less real. Yes I am more than a pawn in all this, I must believe that.

Regardless I must press on, and so I tell you the real truth of what drove me to the construction site on that fateful day…

Next Up – Part II

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